How I met your father, in the season finale a character from the original HIMYM series

It is probably the least anticipated reboot-remake of recent years (perhaps if it plays with the prequel de The Lord of the Rings), but news arrives from the United States that perhaps will convince you to watch the season’s end How I met your fatherthe remake of the legendary sitcom How I met your mother.

Still unreleased in Italy, where it will be released starting May 11 on Disney +, HIMYF has already reached the season finale in the USA, where it has been streamed since January on Hulu. And it is precisely from the last episode that a surprise arrives that – at the cost of having it ruined – could convince some skeptics to give the new series a chance. Obviously if you continue you do it at your own risk, because from here on there will be a “leggen … wait … dario” spoiler, as Barney would say.

What happens in the HIMYF season finale

So, here we are. Many fans of the original series in recent months have criticized this reboot, also and above all because there was no presence of the characters of the past, namely Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin.

Well, in the last episode of HIMYF the surprise is just this: a protagonist of HIMYM appears on the scene, and precisely Robin Scherbatsky, played by the always beautiful Cobie Smulders.

Robin talks to Sophie (Hilary Duff, the protagonist) and they are in the legendary MacLaren’s bar (the protagonists of the new series usually go to another place). Sophie recognizes Robin, who is an established television reporter, and they start talking about love affairs. And so Robin (remember that the HIMYM ending is set in 2030) is about a gorgeous man she dated a long time ago and who told her he loved her on a first date: obviously, she talks about Ted Mosby, even without naming him.

Robin’s photos and videos in the remake series

A lot of photo and video content has obviously appeared on Twitter to celebrate undoubtedly the highest moment of the first season. And the producers have not ruled out new appearances from the cast of the original series.

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