How is Klemens Murańka feeling? The staff doctor provided new information

Aleksander Winiarski, a doctor of the jumpers’ team, informed about the symptoms of Klemens Murańka and how mentally the player endures isolation.

Szymon Bearingński

Szymon Bearingński

Klemens Murańka

Newspix / Expa / In the photo: Klemens Murańka

Unfortunately, a new season of the World Cup in jumping has started for Klemens Murańka. On Saturday, the 27-year-old tested positive for coronavirus. He was sent to a special sanatorium for isolation. Another test carried out confirmed the infection in the jumper.

Murańka ended up in a clinic in Yekaterinburg. This is where he will spend his isolation until he receives two more negative coronavirus test results. How does the player feel at this moment? The latest information on this matter was provided by Aleksander Winiarski, a physician of the ski jumpers, who is on site in Russia.

– On Sunday, Clement had a slight fever and a headache. Whether they were due to infection or stress, it’s hard to say. Today he is feeling better, has a slight runny nose, but generally he has no more serious symptoms – emphasized the doctor.

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– The worst thing for Klemens is the isolation itself. He is depressed because he is missing his starts in subsequent competitions and is afraid that he will have to spend several days in this quarantine – he added.

Murańka, like the other jumpers and the training staff, is vaccinated against the coronavirus. This does not mean, however, that he could not get infected.

– We must remember that vaccination does not protect 100% against infection. First of all, thanks to vaccination, we usually get infected more gently. And in the case of Klemens it worked, because apart from a headache, increased temperature and a slight inflammation of the respiratory tract, everything is fine with him – explained Aleksander Winiarski.

Most importantly, the virus has not yet spread within the Polish staff. In the Polish national team, all PCR tests carried out after Sunday’s competition in Nizhny Tagil were negative. The jumpers are therefore training in Russia and getting ready to fly to Finland for the next World Cup, this time in Kuusamo (November 27-28).

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