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Manufacturers are slowly starting to release data on electric car (BEV) sales in 2021. Thanks to them, we can try to juxtapose companies and models next to each other to see who is doing well and who is just starting. The ranking includes Tesla and some German corporations, but does not include Hyundai Motor Group, Stellantis, Ford, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Toyota and other Japanese brands.

Worldwide electric car sales. Tesla and other brands

In order not to extend it, let’s go straight to the ranking. We mix groups, brands (in bold) and models in it:

  1. Tesla (all models) – 936,172 cars,
  2. Tesla Model 3 and Y (D / D-SUV segments) – 911,208
  3. Volkswagen Group – 452,900 copies (5.1 percent of all cars !, source),
  4. Volkswagen (all models) – 263,200 copies,
  5. Volkswagen ID.4 – 119,650 copies,
  6. BMW (all models) – 103,855 (source),
  7. Mercedes + Smart + vans (all models) – 99,000 units,
  8. Audi (all models) – 81,894 copies,
  9. Volkswagen ID.3 – 75,500 copies,
  10. Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback – 49,200
  11. Skoda (all models) – 49,100 copies,
  12. Mercedes (all models) – 48,936 copies,
  13. Skoda Enyaq iV – 44 700 copies,
  14. Volkswagen e-Up – 41,400 copies,
  15. Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo – 41,300 copies
  16. BMW iX3 – 37,939 copies,
  17. Mini Electric – 34,851 copies,
  18. Polestar (all models, ie Polestar 2 🙂 – 29,000 copies,
  19. Volvo (all models) – 25,727 copies,
  20. FCEV cars of all brands – 16,000-20,000 copies [wstępne szacunki analityków],
  21. Volkswagen ID.6 – 18,000 copies,
  22. Seat (all models, including Cupra) – 13,000 units,
  23. Volkswagen vans (all models) – 3,600 copies,
  24. MAN – 800 copies.

We have already commented on Tesla’s results, but the announcement of the Volkswagen brand is interesting. Although electrics are a minority, most of the press release is devoted to them (source). The volumes also show that the company is not idle and is doing everything not to lose sight of Tesla. Musk’s decision to invest in the factories was a hit. Were it not for the new production capacity (Giga Shanghai, soon Giga Berlin and Giga Texas), the Volkswagen Group would start catching up quickly.

We don’t know the results of other brands yet. The Polish branch of Renault will release them on January 28, we expect announcements from Far East companies in the coming weeks. After all, a certain dependence emerges from the ranking: either the manufacturer has a symbol, an icon that builds sales for him (see: Tesla), or he should expand the offer as quickly as possible by a greater number of segments (see: BMW, Volkswagen Group).

Opening photo: illustrative, construction diagram of an electric car, more specifically the Kia EV6 (c) Kia

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