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Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner, who played Hawkeye in Marvel movies, posted a selfie from the hospital after the bad accident

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Jeremy Rennerthe Hollywood actor known worldwide for being theHawk eye of Marvel’s Avengers, posted a photo on Instagram for the first time since the horrific accident in which he was run over by one snow plow.

The photo from the hospital and the affection of the other Marvel heroes

“Thank you all for your kind words. They are in very bad condition to be able to write. But I send love to you all ”, wrote the star as a caption to the image in which he shows the bruises and wounds.

Many messages under the post from his colleagues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris evans (Captain America), Chris Pratt (Star Lord), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Taika Waititi (director of “Thor: Love And Thunder”).

Among the many wishes for a speedy recovery, we also read those of Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Jimmy Fallon, Kate Beckinsale, Orlando Bloom, Island Fisher, Vanessa Hudgens, True Farmiga.

The terrible accident with the snowplow

On Tuesday, the actor’s publicist, Samantha Mast, detailed the details of Jeremy Renner’s snowplow accident.

According to what his assistant reconstructed, the man was cleaning on January 1st driveway of his home in the Nevada countryside.

He had made up his mind to remove the snow to allow family members to reach their homes after having passed the parties all together.

While standing behind the half heavy, the snowcat started moving. The actor would have tried to get back on board to stop him, however being run over and reported serious injuries in the chest and spine.

In the early hours there was also the suspicion that the star was in a state of drunkenness. Hypothesis however denied by the investigators themselves, who speak of a “tragic accident”.

Hospitalization and its conditions

“Jeremy is making a lot of progress and is I wakespeaks and is of good humor“, explained the press secretary. Emphasizing however that he will remain hospitalized in Intensive care in critical but stable condition.

The family, his PR said again, asks to continue sending him thoughts positive as he “heals with loved ones by his side.”


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