How is the “Harvard Diet” and what healthy recipes do experts recommend?

Nutritionists from the School of Public Health in the United States and the editors of Harvard University Health Publications have created a “healthy eating plate” (JUICE PLUS+).

He Food paradigms have changed and evolvedAs we become more aware of what is healthy and what is not thanks to scientific advances related to health.

Thus, our personal physicians, medical associations, patient NGOs and also from the academic field through universities, and public welfare institutions point out standards and regulations for good quality nutrition from time to time.

an example of this “Harvard Diet”, which is actually the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, and can be used as a guide to “make healthy and balanced meals” ,nutritional source, A section of the Harvard site that provides recommended nutrition information.

Healthy nutrition is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting mental health (Freepick)

building a healthy and balanced diet

-make the most of vegetables and fruits of your food: These should make up half of your plate. The more mixed vegetables you have, the tastier and healthier your plate will be. One key to this is to look for different colors and variations. One caveat: Potatoes and french fries don’t count as vegetables on a healthy eating plate because they have a negative effect on blood sugar as well as the oil they build up when fried.

Choose whole grains: These foods should make up ¼ of your plate. Effects of whole, intact grains (whole wheat, barley, wheat berries, quinoa, oats, brown rice, and foods made from them, such as whole wheat pasta) on blood sugar and insulin compared to white bread, white rice, and others Mild effect. refined grains.

harvard diet specifies grain type Who should eat The plan strongly encourages eating Whole grains, Unlike sophisticated ones.

“There’s more to whole grains vitamins Even more phytochemicals And mineralsWhich is very healthy for us and our blood sugar will not rise so quickly,” he said. Lillian Cheung, Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Cereals are a notable and recommended source of food

Some whole grains you should consider are:

– Oatmeal


– barley

Whole wheat (including whole wheat bread and pasta)

– integral rice

,protein power: The other ¼ of your plate should be integrated with proteins that can be based Fish, poultry, beans and nuts, which are healthy and versatile sources of protein. They can be added to salads and combined with vegetables. Red meat and processed meats such as ham and sausage should be limited.

Some healthy proteins are:

– fish

– Cock

– beans

– Nuts

Fish is recommended by all nutritionists for providing vitamins and protein (Photo: Kristin Kloss/dpa)

“The fish is a Seafood, highly rich and nutritious. I am rich Rich in vitamins, minerals and fats that protect the heart, brainand brain protectors for boys as well”, explained Dr. Alberto Cormilot in a recent note Information How often do you have to eat it? “At least twice a week. Because Because it improves circulation a lot. There is one element that should not be neglected, which is at the time of purchase, which is when you keep it and how you prepare it. “To lie down and eat fish, you have to be very careful,” advised Cormilot.

With regard to healthy vegetable oils, these should be eaten in moderation. Choose healthy vegetable oils such as olive, canola, soybean, corn, sunflower, peanut and others and avoid partially hydrogenated oils, which contain unhealthy trans fats. Instead, Cheung recommends Choose healthy options like:

– Olive


– soy

– corn

– Sunflower

Peanuts (unless you are allergic)

Drinking water aids digestion and keeps the body hydrated.

to drink water, coffee or tea This can be a good option to avoid sweetened drinks. As an adult, milk and milk products should also be limited to one or two servings per day in the form of juice. Cheung said that for years it has been advised to drink three cups of milk Modern. But this “didn’t seem prudent to us, especially since there are some populations in the US that are lactose intolerant,” he remarked. He said: “Even despite the amount of calories from drinking milk, it would be better to drink water, tea or coffee”.

In addition to eating healthy foods, it is important to stay active, get regular exercise, play sports, run or just take a walk. This exercise apart from benefiting the body also helps in reducing weight. “we have to make for half an hour a day one of two at least five times a week vigorous activity,” Cheung said.

Often, the specialist encourages you to consider the possibility of physical activity. Brisk walking and fitness classes. the key is inside avoid sedentary lifestyle for most of the day.

Healthy eating habits should be inculcated in children from an early age (Credits: Getty)

Pay attention to the quality of food

One of the most important recommendations when we think about the nutrients that we’re going to eat and take in, The focus is on the quality of the food.

The type of carbohydrate in the diet is more important than the amount of carbohydrate you have, because some carbohydrate sources, such as vegetables (besides potatoes), fruits and whole grainsThey are healthier than others.

Doctor Cormilot says that the Quinoa and Soy They have complete proteins. He frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables Guarantees intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber in addition to many essential nutrients. There are combinations like lentils and brown rice protein combinations that complement each other and form a complete protein, Brown rice mixed with nuts and flaxseed and chia seeds are also great foods.

Harvard also advises consumers to avoid sugary drinks., a significant source of calories, usually with little nutritional value. It also encourages consumers to use healthier oils and does not set a maximum percentage of calories that people should get from healthy sources of fat each day.

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