how is the little one, the doctors speak

To celebrate August 15th, a security guard was exploding a few gunshots. One bullet hit a 2-year-old boy who was playing

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Is better the child of two years hit by a bullet irresponsibly fired in August by a security guard. The doctors of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo subjected the baby to a delicate intervention and its conditions currently arouse cautious optimism. So much so that it has been declared out of danger by doctors.

The reconstruction of events

The fact happened to Court Franca, in the province of Brescia. According to reconstruction of the investigators, on the evening of August 15th a 46-year-old security guard allegedly exploded some gunshots, regularly detained, against some signals road.

Not far away, a child of foreign origin was quietly playing on the balcony of his house when a stray bullet hit him.

Child hit by bullet, the security guard fired for fun: how is the little onePhoto source: ANSA

Bullet marks near the place where the child was injured.

The parents, in desperation, immediately called for help. The mother took to the street with the baby lifeless in his arms while his father screamed “you killed him”Addressing the security guard.

The outcome of a wicked game

According to the first reconstructions of the facts it seemed that the man had fired some shots up in the air for no apparent reason, but now it seems that it was just a game villain. Therefore clarified the obscure points of the story.

Further details of the events are still being worked out, but it was ascertained that the security guard, not on duty, was entertaining himself by playing target shooting with at least two other people, an adult nephew and a friend of the young man.

If the facts were to be confirmed there would therefore be none intentionality in the gesture, but only the result of a wicked conduct. After the events, the carabinieri took the man to the barracks for investigations.

The baby is on the mend

A note from the Pope John XXIII hospital makes it known that the little one, who will turn three in October, even though he is still in reserved prognosisis awake and Breathe independently.

The doctors declared him out of danger: already in the day could leave the ICU.

The affair is followed up by the deputy prosecutor Benedetta Callea, which is considering how to proceed towards man. One of the possible preliminary acts is one expertise ballistics to calculate the bullet’s trajectory.


Photo source: ANSA

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