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The fuel bonus is active until 31 December 2022, the measure that provides for the payment of vouchers of up to 200 euros by employers to their employees. Let’s see how the bonus works and in which cases it can be recognized.


The fuel bonus 2022 consists of a voucher worth 200 euros that employers can pay to theirs on a monthly basis employees. These sums, voluntarily granted by the employer, they do not contribute to the formation of taxable income of the worker.

Let’s see the details of the bonus in the following article.

Fuel bonus 2022: how it works


All the employees private companies, professional firms or service sector entities can benefit from the so-called fuel bonus, a voucher from the maximum value of 200 euros a worker issued voluntarily by the employer.

The 2022 fuel bonus can be issued by private companies, professional firms or bodies in the tertiary sector that do not engage in commercial activities, and it does not contribute to the formation of income of the employee.

I’m excluded from the fuel bonus all public workers, workers with a VAT number, occasional self-employed workers, collaborators with contracts or those who receive similar income from work, such as trainees.

Fuel bonus 2022: how to get it


The 2022 fuel bonus it should not be requested: being a decision voluntary on the part of the employer, no particular type of application is envisaged by the employee.

If the company decides to offer its employee the fuel bonus, it will be the same to communicate it to them and to issue vouchers for the value of the expected amount. There expense linked to the fuel bonus, we specify, it is completely borne by the company which delivers it.

The fuel bonus can be paid up to December 31, 2022while the deadline for use will be indicated on the voucher itself.

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