how much Amadeus, conductors, guests and singers earn. Eyes on Ferragni

A little less than two months from the start of the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festivalscheduled from 7 to 11 February 2023not only the list of singers in the competition and the choice of co-hosts of the review are discussed.

To ignite the controversy, as every year, are also the figures spent by Rai to realize the singing festival, together with the various cachets intended for conductors, ‘valleys’ and super guests.

Let’s find out how much the artistic director and presenter will earn Amadeusat her fourth Sanremo in a row, the co-host Clare Ferragni and all the other protagonists of Sanremo 2023, but also who they are the Scrooge McDuck in the history of the Festival.

How much does Amadeus earn in Sanremo

Amadeusartistic director and presenter of the Festival, who is preparing to lead the 73rd edition of the Ligurian festival, has so far earned 600 thousand euros for each edition (in 2020, in 2021 and in 2022).

Same figure which, according to the latest rumors (for privacy reasons, Rai never provides official data on salaries) should pocket to present Sanremo 2023.

Chiara Ferragni’s fee

Clare Ferragni was chosen by Amadeus for co-lead Sanremo next February: the 35-year-old will take the Ariston stage during the first and last evening of the Festival.

Chiara Ferragni cachet SanremoPhoto source: IPA

Chiara Ferragni will be co-host of Sanremo 2023

In recent weeks, the figure to which his cachet would amount has been circulating. According to reports Republicwhich he cites Diva and Womanthe digital entrepreneur will pocket 100 thousand euros. Generally, the sum paid to the co-presenters of Sanremo almost never exceeds 30 thousand euros (in 2009, Maria DeFilippi she had even ‘allowed’ at no cost).

The highest paid conductors of Sanremo

On the podium of highest paid in the history of the Sanremo Festival however, Amadeus does not appear, but other names stand out: George Panariello (host in 2006), Michelle Hunziker (on stage at the Ariston alongside Pippo Baudo in 2007) e Paul Bonolis (at the helm of the review in 2009).

How much did they earn? Really one million euros each.

Gianni Morandilandlord in 2011 and 2012 (we will see him again in 2023), instead had to ‘settle’ for 800 thousand euros for each edition. The same figure was received by Goofy Baudo in 2007 (which, however, obtained 200 thousand euros less than Hunziker).

The historic presenter returned to lead Sanremo again the following year, but for a lower sum, equal to 650 thousand euros (to Piero Chiambrettihis travel companion in 2008, a fee below i 250 thousand euros).

From Baglioni to Fazio, the cachet of the latest editions

There is then Claudius Baglioniin the role of conductor and artistic director, passed from 585 thousand euros in 2018 to the 700 thousand the following year. It follows Charles Contiwith his 650 thousand euros th edition (from 2015 to 2017).

Fabio Fazio he took himself home 600 thousand euros for each of the two events he conducted, in 2013 and 2014.

Antonella Clericihowever, at the helm of Sanremo 2010, stopped at 500 thousand euros. Better, however, than Simon Ventura: 320 thousand euros to present the 2004 Festival, even less than Luciana Littizzetto which in Sanremo 2013 and 2014 (alongside Fazio) he pocketed 350 thousand euros to edition.

The earnings of valets and co-hosts at the Festival

As for the fees of the valets, or rather, of the co-presenters of Sanremothey soar Ilary Blasi with his 500 thousand euros earned in 2006 (the edition conducted by Panariello). Colleague her Victoria Cabelloby his side that year, he pocketed instead 400 thousand euros.

TO San Remo 2011the historic couple formed by Elisabetta Canalis and Belen Rodriguez took home 150 thousand euros each. The two artists were also called on the fly in the first evening of the edition 2012for which they perceived instead 60 thousand euros each.

In 2013, in the pockets of Arisa and Emmaas co-hosts and not competing among the Bigs, are finished 80 thousand euros each, while the actress Rocio Munoz Morales had to settle for 60 thousand euros.

In 2020, Tiziano Ferrounpublished co-host alongside Amadeus in almost all the evenings of the Festival, earned approx 200 thousand eurosa figure that the singer-songwriter from Latina donated to charity.

In 2022 Ornella Mutito attend an evening, he pocketed 25 thousand euroshow Sabrina Ferilli took the stage during the final, while Drusilla Foer tore up a ‘skinny’ check, by 15 thousand euros.

Chapter Fiorello-Sanremo: Amadeus’ friend and colleague took part in three editions of the event, receiving around 50 thousand euros per evening. At present, it is unclear whether the conductor of Long live Rai2 will make at least one appearance at the 2023 Festival.

The fees of super guests in the history of Sanremo

Among recent guests, the highest paid ever was Jennifer Lopezwhose performance in Sanremo 2010 yielded the beauty of 800 thousand euros.

Adriano Celentanowhich appeared at the Ariston in 2012, took home, amidst controversy, 750 thousand euros.

Not even the actor Hugh Grant missed out on a stellar fee: in 2005, the British star returned to London with a haul of 500 thousand euros.

They follow the cachets of John Travolta and Nicole Kidman: both super guests of the 2006 edition, earned respectively 450 thousand euros and 300 thousand euros.

We then move on 250 thousand euros for the guest of Sharon Stone (with Pippo Baudo in 2003) ai 90 thousand for a chat between Bonolis and Mike Tyson (in 2006).

Two years earlier, in 2004, a storm broke out over the cachet of another cinema legend, Dustin Hoffman: for his performances in Sanremo, which the public did not particularly like, Rai paid approx 180 thousand dollars.

Not to mention the super guests of the 2022 edition: for the ‘locals’ Laura Pausini and the ManeskinsRai has disbursed more 150 thousand euros.

Who pays for the Sanremo Festival

Many people think that the Sanremo Festival is financed only with public money, that of the Rai license fee, but this is not the case.

It is well known that the entire Sanremo ‘caravan’ costs money, as do the technicians and workers, the theater and the hotels. THE competing singers they perceive 48 thousand euros each as reimbursement of expenses, while the municipality of Sanremo receives 5 million euros. And, given the enormous success of the event, the pharaonic cachets of conductors and valets are inevitable.

Rai, given the listening boom of the last few years (almost 11 million spectators for the first evening of the 2022 Festival, with a 58% share) was however able to earn a lot thanks to advertising investments.

In 2021, for example, the Festival brought a good 38 million euros into Rai’s coffers thanks to advertising, double the costs incurred to organize that edition.

Sanremo offers sponsors an immense television showcase and, for some years now, also an enormous web and social space thanks to RaiPlay and YouTube. A standard 30 second commercial can cost up to 370,380 euros for a single passage And a telepromotion with Amadeus costs 440 thousand euros.

Amadeus cachet San Remo

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