How much are these 10 lire from 1954 worth? The answer is shocking

The Italian lira played an extremely important role for our country but also for the rest of Europe, having had legal validity for almost two centuries, adopted in various forms from the pre-unitary kingdoms up to the unification of the country, up to the Republic. Since 2002, the lira has become exclusively a collector’s item for enthusiasts and numismatists, but even today the symbolic and nostalgic “role” of the old currency is undoubtedly present and perceptible also due to coins that have found great diffusion, especially starting from the second post-war period: the most famous 10 lire as well as the most widespread one still represented an issue of sure impact today.

How much are these 10 lire from 1954 worth? The answer is shocking

The 10 lire “format” was born during the reign of Italy, in contexts immediately following the proclamation of a unified country and these coins, often made of gold, had a great purchasing power. Different speech for those minted starting from the proclamation of the Italian Republic, made in Italma, have had the role of “common currency”. The most famous is certainly the 100 lire Earwhich was minted for practically the entire second half of the twentieth century, although it was used extensively especially until the 1980s.

Even today it is quite easy to find, having been one of the most common and therefore recognizable coins of Italy in the twentieth century. The coin is entirely made of Italmaan aluminum alloy quite common at the time.

The most interesting examples are those of the 1950s: a coin from 1954, the year in which the circulation was significantly smaller than in other contexts, although it is still considered common it can be worth from 30 euros if in excellent condition, up to 120 euros if in Brilliant Uncirculated, that is the best possible conditions, practically equal to the newly minted one. Less profitable the 10 lire of 1956, which can be worth from 5 euros for specimens in good condition up to 40 euros if in Brilliant Uncirculated.

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