How much did the Embraer Legacy 450 cost?

Have you ever imagined the value of Neymar jet? The Paris Saint-Germain player makes headlines around the world not just for his football, but also for his private life and the lavish lifestyle he leads. Mansions, clothes, cars, parties and even jets are part of the daily routine of the Brazilian national team star.

To satisfy the fans’ curiosity, we show below what the player’s private jet looks like and how much the delicacy cost, another one of Neymar’s great luxuries.

What is the value of the Neymar jet?

When he bought it in 2016, the value of Neymar’s jet was US$16.6 million, according to information from the Todos a Bordo column, on the UOL portal. The Embraer Legacy 450 was one of the athlete’s first achievements while he was still defending the colors of Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi and Luís Suárez, forming the famous MSN trio. Without ever hiding the ostentation of his private life, Neymar came to show several clicks inside the jet and outside, always alongside friends and family.

The Legacy can do up to 531 miles per hour, in addition to gathering 2,900 nautical miles at once, flying in a single tank. The jet also has improved flight vision and an infrared camera, according to information from the English newspaper The Sun. The jet can carry up to nine passengers, with a speed of 870 km/h.

neymar jet value
Interior of a neymar jet. Photo: embraer executive jets / official reproduction of the sun

Neymar also has a plane

Neymar’s luxurious life doesn’t stop there. In addition to having a private jet, the player also has a plane to call his own, used on the player’s vacation when he returns from France to Brazil or even the most paradisiacal places.

In addition to knowing the value of Neymar’s jet, also get to know the plane that the ace uses. The plane is the Cessna 680 Citation model, built in 2008 under registration PR-SMK. According to ESPN’s website, the value of the aircraft is R$94 million.

The executive jet has the capacity to accommodate twelve people, with a range of 3,190 miles and a speed of close to 890 kilometers per hour, according to information from the manufacturer.

Neymar’s luxurious life

Mansions, designer clothes, cars, planes and parties are part of Neymar’s life. Away from the pitch, the Paris Saint-Germain striker and shirt number ten of the Brazilian team always gives rise to controversy.

On social networks, it is possible to see the athlete’s travels to the most varied places around the globe, in addition to the style with designer brands. Neymar also makes a point of showing his opinion on the most varied subjects, from football to responding to criticism of his game.

Among the delicacies, the player has a mansion in Mangaratiba, located in the PortoBello condominium, on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. The value is R$28 million, covering 5 thousand m2, according to the Extra newspaper. The house was also purchased in 2016, as were the vast majority of its properties.

In Paris, France, he also owns a 3,000 square meter mansion. According to the English newspaper The Sun, the rent is R$93 thousand per month.

In addition to a jet and aircraft, Neymar also has a helicopter. The piece, customized by Mercedes, is inspired by the Batmobile and cost 10.5 million pounds according to the BILD newspaper, the same as 66 million reais in the June 2022 price.

+ Discover Neymar’s mansion in Mangaratiba

neymar jet value
Mansion in mangaratiba receives player parties. Photo: playback / youtube record tv

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