How much do cashiers and bookshelves earn at Lidl? Here’s everything you need to know

Lidl is a giant among European discounters and boasts a history of almost half a century: but have you ever wondered how much its employees earn? We will tell you.

It is perhaps a coincidence that Is Lidl also a partner of the Italian national team? There blue shirtour football, our passion, our dreams: never has a match been more guessed for cement the relationship between the company of Teutonic origin and our country.


The new job offers Lidl they are never lacking: just as there are also important news concerning one multinational in continuous expansion that not only always looks for young and dynamic figures but offers its customers quality and products, not only related to food, which combine reliability and that effective communication strategy which leads a brand to become an integral part of our life.

The first Lidl branches were opened in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in the 1970s: in 1999, Lidl was the first discounter to introduce scanner tills. Lidl now has branches in almost all European countries and also in the United States today there are about 100 branches; Lidl is a giant that boasts over 190,000 employees worldwide, over 70,000 in Germany alone (updated data for 2020).

Approximately 20,000 Lidl employees, today, in Italy guarantee that every day you can put the products you need in the cart. You will meet some at the forefront of one of the 700 stores in Italy.

Many others work behind the scenes. Lidl manages 11 goods distribution centers nationwide, where are the logistic operators engaged. Then there are accountants, managers, apprentices and the like, but have you wondered how much they earn? At Lidl, of course, the highest paid job is that of Sales director for about 227 thousand euros per year.

Average Lidl salaries by department include: Marketing Manager at € 110.949, Finance at € 91.823, Business Development at € 159.624 and IT Coordinator at € 110.375. Half of the executive salaries, so to speak, are over € 130,690. 70 out of 100 employees on average at LIDL, in Europe and the EU, rank their salary in the top 10% of companies of similar size.

69 out of 100 employees of Lidl classify their economic advantages in the 15% of the best companies of similar size and characteristics: we try to understand how much those who are employed earn in close direct contact with customers to take your shopping home, such as cashiers and shelves or gastronomy staff.

According to some authoritative online platforms for evaluating job positions, here is the average of some of the main gross annual salaries of employees of a Lidl supermarket (always updated data for 2020).

  • Retail clerk: 29,400 euros
  • Branch manager: € 54,200
  • Deputy Head: € 38,200
  • Sales manager: 82,200 euros
  • Employee: 36,500 euros
  • Foreman: 54,900 euros
  • Apprentice: 12,800 euros
  • Commercial employee: 38,700 euros
  • Cashier: 21,200 euros

Also according to the sector portals, apparently the employees are satisfied with the yield. They rate salary and benefits on specialized platforms with a average 4.1 stars out of five possible. (Reviews are often anonymous).

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