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Every month, the Central Statistical Office informs about the average salary in the enterprise sector in Poland. In October this year. it amounted to exactly PLN 5,917.15. However, these data are sometimes surprised by many employees who earn much less. And there is a lot of sense in this surprise – the average salary is being raised, among others, by by high salaries in some industries or among people in the highest positions. The national average does not fully reflect the realities of the labor market in Poland.

An additional disadvantage of the monthly data on the average salary is that they concern only a part of the labor market – only enterprises employing at least ten people, in addition, omitting the budgetary sphere and people employed under civil law contracts.

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The median is a better measure

The median wages are the answer to some of the disadvantages of the average salary data. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) just released it – in In October 2020, it amounted to exactly PLN 4,702.66. The publication of data on the median wages is a big “event”, because the Central Statistical Office publishes this amount only once every two years. Therefore, despite the fact that it shows the realities of the labor market from a year ago, it is still important information.

The wage median is also not an ideal measure, as it also excludes workplaces employing less than 10 people. But these are data for the entire national economy (ie also for the “budgetary”) or for various forms of employment. They give a much better overview of how much you really earn in Poland.

The median salary of PLN 4,702.66 in October 2020 means that exactly half of the employees in the national economy (converted into full-time jobs) were earning more then, and half less. This amount gives about PLN 3,403 “on hand”.

It turns out that the median wages in October last year was over 18 percent. (over a thousand zlotys!) lower than the average salary, which amounted to exactly PLN 5,748.24. In two years, both the average salary and the median salary increased by almost 15%.


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Who is overstating the national average?

The average wage in the national economy itself in October 2020 was also much more “dismantled” than is usually the case. The CSO indicated, among others, that almost 66 percent earned less than the national average. employees, including 69 percent. women and 62.5 percent. men.


The GUS survey also shows that almost 8 percent. people earned minimal or even less money. The scale of the wage gap is also visible. The average monthly gross salary of men was 14.7 percent. higher than women’s wages.

The Central Statistical Office also showed a list of average wages in individual, so-called great groups of professions. This data is a great proof that how much one amount of the average salary “falsifies” reality. The reality in many professions is completely different.

It turns out that the average salary of representatives of public authorities, senior officials and managers in October 2020 amounted to almost PLN 10.5 thousand. PLN gross, i.e. by over 80 percent. more than this measure for the entire labor market. The salaries of specialists were also higher – they earned on average just over 7,000. zloty.

In the remaining occupational groups, salaries – on average – were lower than the “national average”. The worst was for workers doing simple jobs, as well as for salespeople and service workers. Their salaries amounted to approx. PLN 3.6-3.7 thousand. PLN gross and were about one third lower than the average monthly gross remuneration.


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