how much do the LED bulbs consume?

The recent increases in the cost of energy and gas are causing Italian bills to rise, which in the next quarter will reach levels never seen before. To prevent this from happening in an excessive way, there are some precautions that can be taken, such as using LED bulbs: how much do they consume?


These cold months more than ever it is good to implement and consider gods tips for trying to save on your bill, in order to avoid that the cost of energy is unsustainable for businesses and families. One of the best precautions you can have is to go to replace traditional bulbs with LED onesas they are more energy efficient.

Let’s see how much they consume and how much they save.

LED bulbs: how much do they consume?

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Let’s see first how much LED bulbs consume and how much do they save on the bill. Using them is one of the best advice to offer for Italian families, as a disproportionate increase in energy prices is expected for the next quarter. Now let’s see how much they consume by comparing it with a normal one.

A normal light bulb has a consumption that can go up to 60 Watt / h. The annual impact on the bill is estimated to be among € 80 and € 50. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are much cheaper, as they guarantee consumption of between 3 and 11-12 Watt / h. They also have a much longer life: about 50,000 hours against the traditional 4,000 hours.

Light bulbs: how much do the LED ones cost?


Obviously there are negative aspects to take into consideration, linked in particular to the prices of purchase of LED bulbs. While a traditional light bulb costs around 2 euros per piece, an LED light bulb can cost you 6 euros up. The higher price is proportional to the life of the bulb.

For this reason, especially for those who have to buy many bulbs for your home or business, going to bear such a high cost could be a problem.

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