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Water is precious, sometimes even too much. TO Bolzano a couple paid 27 euros for two bottles. All true, in a hotel in Val Pusteria in Maranza, two customers stumbled upon a water “as expensive as a Chianti”. “We were very badly – say the two unfortunates – because we had been very well and we did not expect to pay a supplement of 27 euros for two bottles of water”. It is not the first time that the hotel, with excellent reviews, has been reported for the insane price of the drink.

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“Water cost and wine markup”, complains another customer. And again, there are those who observe that “not a commercialized water, but of the carbonated tapslightly, from them and paid too dearly “. In fact, in the hotel rooms the two tourists found a bottle for water and two glasses.” It was written that it was ‘drinking water from our mountains’ “. it was empty and could be filled directly from the bathroom tap.

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“For heaven’s sake, very good – they let off steam – but if we filled it in the room free from the tap why was the same water at the table so expensive? “. At the restaurant, the unfortunate woman found” the exact same bottle. “It is a pity, however, that the water on the table cost 13.5 euros per bottle. drought this summer fails to justify.

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