How much does a gram of gold cost today? The answer leaves you speechless

Gold continues its rise more and more: but what makes it such a rare commodity and why does it always increase in value in the long term? Surely it is never a wrong investment to buy some gold, especially in these years of very high inflation in which it is difficult to think of a way to preserve one’s savings.

The climb to gold

The forecasts at the beginning of the year gave gold the possibility of reaching the considerable value of 80 euros per gram. In reality, given the latest developments, we will hardly reach that value so quickly, but at the end of 2023 that value will certainly be more affordable.

At this moment its value is settling on 55 euros per gram, a very respectable value if we consider that in the last two years it has increased by 70%. However, considering a longer time window, the increase in the value of gold is mind-boggling. In fact, in the last twenty years it has seen its rarity increase, with total percentages above 500%.

It should also be remembered that in times of great uncertainty like this we are experiencing, relying on this kind of goods is in great demand. It is no coincidence that gold is often associated with the denomination of safe haven precisely because of this feature. In fact, even in very extreme situations such as those of wars or frightening inflation, gold does not lose its value and can be that asset capable of making us survive in scenarios otherwise unlivable from a financial point of view.

We therefore advise many investors who are not yet convinced of the goodness of investing in gold to think again, because they miss a great opportunity for their future in every scenario. Although our economy is in good shape, everything can change suddenly and we must always be vigilant and ready for any eventuality.

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