How much does Anne Hathaway make? A fairytale heritage!

For someone who brought coffee to a devil who wore Prada and who then became a successful astronaut on a timeless space mission, Anne Hathaway he has come a long way. Obviously we talk about her career as an actress that, over the years, she has made her profit a good fortune so much that for some she is the highest paid actress in the world! Here are some figures to understand how much it amounts to.

Anne Hathaway: Earnings per film and current net worth

A heart-shaped face, two large and expressive eyes and a smile so sweet as to sweeten the coffee in the morning. Anne Hathaway is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood cinema, as well as being one of the highest paid on and off the set.

His way of studying the character and his grace in rendering each role perfectly in line with his personality make her a real marvel in the world of acting but, if you were ever to ask her how she does it all, she would tell you that the only thing that matters is to do things with love. Maybe it will be the romantic soul of a woman who happens to bear the same name as William Shakespeare’s beloved, or maybe a decidedly positive approach to her life. The fact is that themillionaire actress wins the game relying only on ambition, perseverance and passion for the show.

After all, the actress’s job is not at all easy and if she doesn’t like it right from the start, every performance risks being poor. For Anne Hathaway this problem does not arise and in every film in which she appears (as the protagonist or not) she brings home a respectable recognition.

Only in 2019thanks to motion pictures, the actress boasted a net worth of $ 50 million. A nice nest egg for a prominent figure who has been in the entertainment industry for two decades and has managed to gain public approval.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, according to various sources, the salary of a Hollywood actor / actress would average around 48,000 – 52,000 dollars with a bonus of 1,032 dollars per year. It is therefore obvious that the figure just reported must be recalculated to the current year, while remaining in any case higher than average.

By making a quick calculation between the estimated budget for each film and the result obtained at the box office, we could thus establish the figures earned so far by the actress:

  • “The princess’s diaries” (2001): budget 26 million, box office 165.3 million
  • “The other side of heaven” (2001): budget 7 million, box office 4.8 million
  • “Prince Charming Wanted” (2004): budget 40 million, box office 134.7 million
  • “The devil wears Prada” (2006): balance sheet 35 million, box office 326.5 million
  • “Bride Wars” (2009): balance sheet 30 million, box office 114.7 million
  • “The Dark Knight – the return” (2012): budget 9 million, box office $ 371,000

Not to mention the fact that she has also participated in other cinematographic works able to make them earn more than good, given the enormous success in theaters such as:

  • “Love & Other Remedies”
  • “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice through the looking glass”
  • “One Day”, “Les Misérables”
  • “The unexpected intern”

Until you get to masterpieces such as “Interstellar” And “Serenity” (both alongside Matt McConaughey) e “Bad waters” with Mark Ruffalo. The latest films produced in the two-year period 2020-2022 have made her climb the top by interpreting complex characters and coming to walk the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2022. According to reliable sources, Anne Hathaway will also appear in the film “Barbie” alongside the beautiful Margot Robbie for a cachet of 15 million dollars. The actress’s total assets, therefore, could amount to $ 215 million net.

Anne Hathaway in Cannes: what the film in competition is about

Anne Hathaway will participate in the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival which will take place from 17 to 28 May 2022. The film that will see her appear alongside great stars of the seventh art as Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong and Jessica Chastain will be released in cinemas soon. In the meantime, it will compete with other international products even if according to many people it is too weak a piece for the race for the famous Palme d’Or. Written and directed by the director James Gray which until now had presented Amazonian settings, to say the least, “Armageddon Time” takes place in a gray and grainy New York, analyzing its darkest and most desperate aspects.

The protagonist of the semi-biopic is Paul Graff (played by Banks Repeta), an 11-year-old from Queens who belongs to the middle class who does nothing more than fantasize rather than listen to the lessons.

His parents (played by Anne Hathaway And Jeremy Iron) are affectionate but strict and for this reason, the only figure who seems to understand this is grandfather Aaron (Anthony Hopkins). Together with a black classmate, the boy discovers how much his desire for rebellion fits that of the other and their antics inevitably lead to a tragic disaster.

“Armageddon Time” thus becomes a film with very painful dramatic implications that they often dialogue with the question of race and social class as well as becoming an expression of a sense of adolescent inequity. Although the theme of marginalization is proposed over and over again on the screen, what does not convince the jury of the Cannes Film Festival is precisely the lack, or rather the scarcity of those speeches that would be important and just. The film’s plot is well-crafted and illustrates a conservative ethic that allows privileged characters to look away from injustices, focusing more on the political aspect of the era. A policy to which the entire product takes sides and which it highlights the world view according to the Trump party. If Gray had captioned every single part of the narrative, surely the result would have been that of a self-referential film but, on the contrary, the director lets his thesis enter the minds of the spectators to stir the conscience.

The interpretation of the actors is certainly masterful and that of Anne Hathaway stands out once again but no predictions can be made on how it will turn out. What is certain is that for making this film, the actress earned a lot. And we are not talking at all about the applause on the red carpet but about substantial numbers.

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Anne Hathaway: rich but hated actress, why?

If on the one hand Anne Hathaway is loved, on the other it happens not to be and to see one’s surname crippled in order to create a new word. It is the case of “Hatehate”the movement of those who hate the actress to the point of defining her false and constructeda person who would play a part even off the set.

Over the years the situation has degenerated even more leading the media to talk about nothing else but, fortunately, the actress does not let herself be impressed. Hathaway herself decided to tackle the subject by explaining how she managed to identify in this, a positive side. Although the criticisms have never been lacking e the actress was very upset about everything she read on the internet, at some point he put a stake beyond which not to go. Instead of feeling anger and frustration, he began to feel ashamed of people who treated her that way. She has become stronger and more confident feeling compassion for those who don’t understand it.

Obviously, her case is not the only one in the history of cinema because so many other stars have had to deal with the blows inflicted by the public and have taken her in a much more negative way than hers. Anne Hathaway just decided to give a damn and continue her film career, bringing home her handsome salaries and living life exactly as she always wanted. She to date she is happily married and has two children and after selling his Westport, Connecticut mansion for $ 2.7 million built a beautiful Swiss chalet style wood and stone house in California.

When she is free from film commitments, she relaxes on the porch of her beautiful outdoor garden and shares moments of daily life with the 23.2 million followers (and haters unfortunately) on Instagram.

Anne Hathaway: the theory that links her to William Shakespeare

At the beginning of this article I mentioned the fact that the actress bears the same name as the wife of the English playwright William Shakespeare: Anne Jaqueline Hathaway A coincidence that makes you smile and that over time has advanced several theories, one of all that of an eternal love that lasts over time.

To give greater credence to these suppositions also the fact that the husband of the actress, Adam Shulman, if compared to a portrait of Shakespeare has the same facial features and very pronounced features. An amazing similarity that cannot fail to be noticed even after centuries. For this reason, it often happens that on social media this story of incredible coincidences tickles the imagination of the most romantic who already feeds on phrases that could be interpreted in favor of this theory.

The most used quotation is the one that, according to them, would have been written by the playwright himself for his wife:

“Life is too short to love you in just one, I promise to look for you in the next life”

A phrase that has all the air of being a prophecy about return of the playwright after centuries, only to be able to hug his beloved again. Apparently, however, there is no concrete evidence that this quote can be present in the body of the works or even in the letters that the writer has sent or hidden during his life.

When fans turn to Anne Hathaway and bring this fictional story back to her, she can’t help but smile politely and let it go albeit frequently, she sighs at the thought that this may all be true.

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