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Original design and technical solutions that borrow (good) ideas from BMW’s automotive experience. We drove it

Electric motorcycles are an elusive reality. Few are seen around, at most a few scooters in the big cities. But deep down the big industries are working on it, imagining a future in which even the two wheels will have to submit to the increasingly stringent traffic limits. BMW has been thinking about it for some time and the new scooter CE 04 represents a further step forward after the first approaches with the C4 Evolution. Not only on the level of decidedly original designbut also on the technical one with solutions borrowed from experience in the automotive field.


If the initial proposals were essentially scooters adapted to electric traction, the CE 04 was born as a real battery-powered vehicle. The lay-out confirms this, long interest (1,675 mm) to accommodate accumulators in the floor as in cars, instead of under the saddle as with most of these vehicles. Protected by a shield of aluminum proof against falls and collisions with pavements (where scooter riders often go up to park…). And then the high voltage technology developed on the four wheels that allows to ensure noteworthy performance: 15 kW of power (equal to 42 hp) and 130 km of autonomy thanks to the 8.9 kWh battery. If you want the version reduced to 11 kW, which can be driven with a car license, you lose something in terms of performance (15 hp and 100 km of autonomy), but certainly not in efficiency and cue. The latter excitingas soon as you accelerate the scooter shoots away, especially in dynamic (optional), one of the four modes available (eco, rain and road are the three standard modes) and can be selected with a button on the handlebar. Apart from noise, the most popular petrol models are not regretted.

Energy recovery

The long wheelbase (5 cm more than the C4 Evolution) slightly limits the disengagement between the cars in the column at the traffic lights, but in driving the stability of the CE 04 is appreciated. The comfort of the saddle, as beautiful in design as it is rigid. The engine brake improves the braking and also consumption thanks to energy recovery (another technology borrowed from the four wheels), but when braking he decided to use both brake levers.

Display, charging and price

The CE 04 has some interesting peculiarities: the 10.25 inch digital TFT dashboard which would look good on a small sedan and offers interaction with the smartphone to navigate, call and listen to music, a side compartment for the helmet, reverse gear, the standard emergency call, and a small ventilated compartment obtained in the shield front for the mobile phone. With domestic power, charging takes 4 hours and 20 minutes (with completely discharged battery), but with the quick chargeoptional, times are greatly reduced: 1 hour and 40 minutes up to 80% full of electricity. The BMW CE 04 is not cheap, 12,550 eurosbut with state incentives the price decreases.

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