how much the Swiss must earn to be happy

What is the annual salary, in Switzerland, allowing you to “stabilize your feeling of happiness”?

What is the annual salary, in Switzerland, allowing you to “stabilize your feeling of happiness”?images: canva, editing: watson

Because, yes (sorry), according to researchers, happiness can be bought. And not necessarily at the same price in Zurich as in Sierra Leone. Spoiler: you probably don’t get paid enough to swim in bliss.

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Fred Valet

“Oh, you put me in a hut with a goat, a coffee pot and a few books, I’m like a rooster in dough.” We all have a friend (in crisis) who dreams of attending HEC or leaving their job as a marketing director to get closer to nature/reconnect with their deepest self/find true values/flee the bestiality of capitalism.

Much good to him! But advise him to set up his Quechua tent in Sierra Leone (if he is not particularly keen on life).

Because, unfortunately, a group of Australian researchers have decided to dust off their copy of the Dangerous Liaisons. In this classic, the Marquise de Merteuil, in full revolutionary mood, declared in the 18th century that “money can not buy happiness; but we must also admit that it makes it a lot easier”.

Above all, let us say that the S Money institute, much more knowledgeable in currencies than in French literature, looked at the second part of its famous sentence. And I might as well tell you that the singer Cali was wrong when he asked himself When is happiness. The question, the real one, the one that hurts poets (and the poor), is “where” and “how much”.

Today, the devil’s institute plunges us into an ice bath by informing us that it “is enough” to win $8,658 per year in Sierra Leone to be happy. Yes, a barely acceptable salary in Switzerland per… month. But let’s stop you right away: there is of course a price to pay. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest and (therefore) most dangerous countries in the world. Average life expectancy? 57 years old. If the pension issue passes them by, not the reaper.

Now you are probably wondering: “Do I have enough money?” First of all, know that it’s like food.

“Satiation comes later in wealthier regions, in terms of life satisfaction”

It is therefore another hunger in the world that this financial institute is brandishing at us, which is based in particular on a study by Harvard University to… contradict it (a little). The latter considers that above $75,000 per year, salary no longer has any influence on happiness. In other words, your department head has no reason to be less happy than Bernard Arnault.

Between the lines, we understand above all that it is urgent to have a gastric band fitted for our material cravings. If it’s not a surprise, this time it’s official. And different in Lausanne than in Tehran.

Good… how much?

Here are the countries where happiness is considered the cheapest:

(In annual salary)

  1. Sierra Leone – $8,658
  2. Suriname – $10,255
  3. Madagascar – $11,355
  4. Guyana – $11,707
  5. Sudan – $11,845
  6. Nicaragua – $11,941
  7. Colombia – $12,159
  8. Gambia – $12,597
  9. Bolivia – $12,795
  10. Ghana – $12,949

Here are the Top 5 countries where happiness would be the most expensive:

  1. Iran – $239,700
  2. Yemen – $172,140
  3. Australia – $121,191
  4. Zimbabwe – $118,342
  5. Norway – $117,724

And Switzerland, SO?


Conclusion: in Switzerland, below an annual salary of 103,655 francs, happiness has difficulty “stabilizing”.

In other words, 8,637 per month (without the 13th).

To avoid adding too much fuel to the fire, we leave you with this survey from the Federal Statistical Office (and to your depression): in Switzerland, in 2022, 29% of men working full time earned more than 104,000 francs per year. Compared to only 17% of women.

So you know what remains to be done. (If ever, we can find Quechua tents from 35 balls at Decathlon.)

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