How much water to put in plant pots? use this trick

We often don’t know how much water to put in flower pots, this is because we don’t exactly know the plant’s needs. In addition to the correct mixture of soil, light, humidity and temperature conditions, the plants require special care when it comes to watering. The first reaction may be that it is best to water potted plants as often as possible so they never run out of water.

While this may be true for some plants, such as ferns or other types of vegetation that grow in humid environments, it is not ideal for all plant species. In general, it is necessary to keep the soil around the plant moist but not wet. Allowing the soil to dry completely can kill the plant in some cases.

Therefore, we can conclude that proper watering is essential for plant growth. Also, it’s important to only water them when they need it. By knowing the amount of water to put in plant pots, it is possible to keep plants healthy. Watering your plants is a great way to show that we care about them and want them to thrive in health.

Check the soil before watering

Before you start caring for potted plants, it is very important to check the soil. For this purpose, we can use our fingers or a small gardening trowel. By taking a small sample of soil, we can determine which nutrients and minerals are available for your plant.

In practice, we also need to check whether the soil is wet or dry. If it is dry, the plant must be watered immediately, if it is wet, wait for it to dry before watering again. When watering, we use low-limestone rain or domestic water.

Succulents or certain types of orchids have an ingenious water storage system so the dosage must be aware and controlled. Before buying a plant we must ask the florist for this information and if we do not have the possibility we must consult the internet for information on this.

How much water to put in the plant pots

The rule of thumb for 10cm diameter pots says we should put enough water to make the soil moist. With a pot of 15 centimeters in diameter, we put enough water to moisten the first centimeter of earth. There are several factors that can cause a plant to need less or more water.

The sun or shade a plant receives can affect how often it needs to be watered. Plants in full sun need more water than plants that grow in the shade. Soil also affects how often a plant needs to be watered. For example, a sandy soil holds less water than a clay soil.

The growth and resting phase varies the contribution of water. Flowering, growth and fruiting require a greater supply of water to balance the greater waste of energy. On the contrary, during the resting phase, the plant does not need a lot of water but only enough water to administer the nutritional contribution.

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