How (not) to buy at Black Friday sales?

2021-11-25 08:00

2021-11-25 08:00

How (not) to buy on Black Friday?
How (not) to buy on Black Friday?
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The promotion season has started on the occasion of the annual shopping celebration – Black Friday. Throughout the week preceding Black Friday, you can take advantage of more or less attractive offers. How to buy so as not to overpay? We have prepared six shopping tips.

You can prepare in advance for Black Friday, the week leading up to Black Friday, other sales – such as Singles Day and Cyber ​​Monday – and larger expenses (such as Christmas). Below are six steps you should take before shopping:

  1. Make a list of the products you want.
  2. Specify the maximum shopping budget / amount for an item.
  3. Check prices a few weeks before Black Friday.
  4. Compare the price at various online stores.

  5. Read reviews.
  6. No rush.

Before viewing the offers on the websites of online stores, you can make a list of the products you need. Listing the items you want to buy will help you focus on the search for specific items and can prevent the situation in which the basket – whether physical, store or online – will be filled with twice as many products than you intended to buy.

Why Black Friday?

Black Friday is a sale holiday that came to Poland from overseas. The custom comes from the United States, its origins date back to the 1980s. Black Friday falls on the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving, and is an opportunity to buy Christmas gifts at great prices.

One of the proven ways to keep purchases under control is to define the maximum amount you want to spend on purchases or a specific product. It is also worth checking the prices of the items on the list in advance. Thanks to this, during the Black Week, but not only, it will be possible to verify whether a given promotion is actually an attractive opportunity or only a slight reduction (or no reduction) from the standard price.

Before deciding to buy a given product, it is also a good idea to check the offers in various stores. It may turn out that the price is not as attractive as it initially seemed or it is lower in other points.

It is a good practice to check opinions about the online store or the seller (if we buy, for example, on Allegro or Amazon). However, information about the product itself can be found on internet forms, in special groups on social media or online comparison websites.

“Retailers like to put pressure on us. A superoscopy that ends in a few minutes can have a dizzying effect on us … and it’s worth staying vigilant until the end. Let’s not go crazy! It’s worth being immune to any super discounts that will end any moment. a well-known social engineering procedure “- we read on the website.

Fake shops, fake promotions

Cybercriminals, as always, will gladly take the opportunity to “get” to personal data, passwords, logins, bank account numbers and consumer PINs. Black Week is the “perfect” moment for online scammers. In addition to the standard forms of fraud, about which Wojciech Boczoń wrote in the article entitled “Their insolence, your money. Fraudsters are arming themselves for 2019”, many other forms of extorting data and money can be found online.

One of them are fake promotions or fake online stores. These are imitated domains pretended by cybercriminals – with their help the scammers try to persuade a potential fraud victim to provide data or make an online transfer for purchases to a fake account of a supposed shop. Better be vigilant during Black Week.

Consumer rights also on Black Friday

Products purchased online on sale are subject to the same return policy as orders without promotion. The customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the products without giving any reasons. However, the store has 14 days to return the money from the moment of notification of the return, emphasizes the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

The return principle applies to online purchases in all European Union countries. However, it does not cover all products – incl. articles with a short shelf-life, tickets to concerts and sports events, goods manufactured to the customer’s special order (e.g. engraved rings) as well as accommodation and leisure services.

Shopping “on the dash”

Deferred payment purchases are becoming one of the more and more popular payment methods. In recent months, the number of stores and companies offering a new option to settle liabilities has been growing. When shopping at sales, it is worth paying attention to how many products we buy on a deferred payment basis, because it is simply a loan that will have to be paid after a certain date.

One T-shirt is 2.7 thousand. liters of water

When talking about shopping, it is impossible to ignore the most important issue. Namely, questions – do we really need a given product? It is not only a way to save several dozen or several hundred zlotys, but also environmentally friendly behavior. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 2,700 liters of water are needed to produce a single cotton T-shirt – this is how much one person drinks over a period of time 2.5 years (assuming that he consumes 3 liters of water daily).

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