How often do you wash your baby?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in the “Armchair Expert” podcast admitted that they only wash their young children when they notice dirt on them. This unpopular position has sparked considerable controversy. There were voices that the acting couple are degenerate parents who save money on children. Kunis noted that she took this approach to hygiene from her family home. As a child, she rarely took a bath and her development was not negatively affected.

Proponents of bathing babies daily say that this is the best way to keep babies clean. Many mothers point out that bathing a baby is a ritual that allows you to establish a unique bond with your baby. The Polish Pediatric Society recommends daily baths. He also points out that when a child is sweating exceptionally, you can bathe it up to twice a day.

Gone are the days when Saturday night meant bathing the whole family. At that time, another household was going to the bathroom. Everyone waited patiently for their turn. Today, we care about hygiene much more. However, there is a group of experts who say that too frequent bathing is not only unnecessary, but can even harm the baby. Why?

The American Academy of Pediatrics explains on its website that little ones who are under one year of age do not need a daily bath. This position is shared by the American Academy of Dermatology. Unlike adults and older children, babies don’t sweat as much as they spend most of their time sleeping.

According to specialists, a bath two or three times a week is enough to keep the baby clean. Excessive care can be harmful, mainly due to the popular cosmetics that parents use when bathing their babies. Products available on the market, even those dedicated to newborns, can destroy the natural lipid coat, and thus the protective barrier of the epidermis..

Children’s skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation, it is worth taking care of it and handling it very gently.

There is also much talk that washing children too often has a negative impact on their immunity. Not all the bacteria that we come into contact with on a daily basis are harmful to us. Some microbes that inhabit the human skin have a protective function and support the immune system. According to some pediatricians, the children’s immune system produces the necessary antibodies through contact with bacteria.

The question of how often children should be washed remains open. The parents’ approach is important here. Many of them – like Mila Kunis – follow the rules of hygiene taken from the family home. Perhaps in the future, the dispute will be resolved by pediatricians, but for now we have to rely on our own intuition and use common sense.

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