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There are only four days left until the elections on 25 September and there is silence on the polls, but Vittorio Sgarbi has no doubts about the outcome of the polls. The center-right “will win triumphantly with those twenty points that the last poll indicated and which will perhaps exceed 50 percent, which I have always thought” explains the candidate in Bologna in an interview with RTF 102.5. The art critic attacks Carlo Calenda: people like him “are convinced that they are essential for the future. Doing the math, even if he were to take 10 he would earn 26 deputies and 13 senators. What can he do when we have 260 on the other side? ? “.

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The strength of the center-right is inherent in the coalition formed by the Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia and the forces of the center: “Although Noi Moderati may be small, they are still four recognizable parties. On the other hand we have only one party with three others symbols. What do you think the party of Tabacci and Di Maio can take in Trieste or Bologna? 0.3 percent. Then we have + Europa and Bonino, she is alone. What will it be worth? 1.1, 1.2. Then there is Fratoianni, totally off the Draghi agenda, anti-American and against arms. With him there is Bonelli who is predestined to failure “, says Sgarbi, rattling off his style on the final result of the elections.

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If it is center-right, it is likely that the most voted parties will be FdI. At that point Giorgia Meloni would have the door of Palazzo Chigi open. Prime Minister “will be Giorgia Meloni in an absolutely natural way. Mattarella will take note of the result and when there is no alternative to the numbers he will have to indicate Meloni, who will form the first technical government”. The latter appears as a provocation: “The Draghi government is clearly a political government: someone who appoints Di Maio, Health, Hope and Cultural Heritage Minister Franceschini has created a political government. Why did he do it? Why did he want to do it? become President of the Republic “.

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