How the myth of biolabs in Ukraine was born and how did it spread

How the myth of biolabs in Ukraine was born and how did it spread (Monday 16 May 2022)
by Leonardo Bianchi From the early hours, the Russian invasion ofUkraine spawned an impressive amount of conspiracy theories. Some aim to completely deny the very existence of the conflict, arguing that the dead and wounded are actually “actors”; others try to raise doubts about specific events, such as the bombing of the Mariupol hospital or the Bucha massacre; and others still perform a propaganda function, above all that of the phantom “biolabs”Ukrainians, one of the best known and most widespread. According to this theory, in Ukraine there would be a network of secret laboratories (including one in the basement of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol) financed by the United States. In these places, chemical and biological weapons are being planned to be used against Russia, or …Read on


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