How the quotes closed on Monday, January 8

The financial dollar continues to be bullish, with Cash on Settlement (CCL) breaching $1,200.

The European Parliament dollar rate followed suit, closing above $1,150.

Political uncertainty over the future of the DNU and the bill submitted to Congress after the government suffered a judicial setback and failed to win in committee, adding to the few real options for putting the peso into the market, are generating continued dollars in investment portfolios change.

Liquidity rose more than 5.2% on the day to close at $1,199.97, compared with last week’s first round opening of $973.15. The first five rounds this year saw gains of more than $227.

For its part, MEP also made strong gains, closing at $1,141.62, up 3.3% on the day. Both prices were record highs for the day. MEP hit $1,155 on the day.

As a result, the exchange gap widened again, with the gap between CCL and the official US dollar being 44%, and the gap between CCL and MEP being 37%.

In a radio interview, President Javier Milley attributed the recent increase in financial funding to the political complexities of implementing a series of changes to the two projects.

At the close of the day, the purchase price was $1,000 and the sale price was $1,050. During the day, the blue currency remained stable but closed up 20 pesos at 1,050 pesos. In doing so, Liberty Dollar widens the gap to 26%.

The official price was adjusted 1.5 pesos from Friday’s closing price, with Banco Nación trading at $833.5 and the wholesale segment at $812.20.

Based on these values, the foreign currency fee paid with the card was $1,333.60.

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