How to add a driving license in the mObywat application and does the smartphone replace the document?

Car drivers have benefited from the digitization of offices in recent years. They do not have to carry all documents with them for fear of imposing a fine by the police during a roadside inspection. In the mObywatel application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores, the driver will find not only a driving license, but also a registration certificate or vehicle liability insurance.

Apps mObywatel on smartphones we can download for Android 6.0 and newer, and in the case of iOS, we must have a system above version 12.4. It is governmental and completely free.

All you need to do is install the application and fill in the necessary data, and then regularly check the application for available updates, because the developers responsible for the development of this software are constantly working on new features and the possibility of adding new documents.

To start using mObywatel and have access to all functions, you need to set up a trusted profile that will confirm your identity.

Many people have been using this electronic solution for a long time, because a trusted profile makes life easier and allows you to deal with official matters without leaving your home. Those who have not yet created a trusted profile can do it at the tax office, ZUS or NFZ.

After downloading the mObywat application, we need to configure it.

It’s very easy – all you need to do is give a special PIN or password. Interestingly, we can also set up a lock, for example with a fingerprint or face scanner. Such safeguards are to protect us against undesirable actions of third parties.

It cannot be denied that the mObywat application has changed the everyday life of many people who quite often use documents confirming their identity. In the application, we can add:

In addition, the application also includes the mLegitymacja module (with a student or student ID), the eRecept module, the Large Family Card or the option to check the number of penalty points. An EU covid certificate has also been added recently.

The application is a great help and will certainly be further developed in the coming years. They were added to it not so long ago train tickets.

Drivers are not required to add a driving license to the mObywat application. We can do it at any time, even during a roadside check.

However, if we are not able to show the driving license at mObywat, nothing will happen. The policeman will find all our data in the Central Register of Drivers.

However, if we decide to have a driving license on the phone, we must activate it after downloading the application mTożsamość and mPrawo Jazdy module. We log in with a trusted profile, accept the regulations and follow the instructions that will appear on the phone screen.

mO Citizen Driving License uses up-to-date data available at CEPiK, and photos are downloaded from the Register of ID Cards. Even if our document does not appear automatically, don’t worry. The system downloads data for several minutes.

What is important – such an electronic document can only be used in Poland! It will not be honored by policemen in other countries.

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If you lose your smartphone, you must remember to block access to the application m Citizen, that our data does not fall into the wrong hands. You should then contact the customer service department on +42 253 54 74. A special helpline is available on working days from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Advisors will help to revoke the certificate securing our data on the smartphone.

The application also does not replace the driving license document if, for example, it is stolen. In such a situation, we must immediately inform the relevant authorities and submit an application for a new document, because mPrawo Driving is not a document, but a confirmation of having the appropriate driving skills.

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