How to buy tickets for Los Temerarios at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico

rear daredevil announced their separation and along with Concert series in 2024 as part of final tour, many of his fans are thrilled to bid farewell to his public in Mexico City and other states of the Mexican Republic. Hope to see them live one last time.

daredevils, A Mexican regional group with an emphasis on singing romantic songs, they have achieved great fame for their songs throughout their career. If you’re one of his followers but don’t know how to get tickets, we’ll tell you all What you should know.

Tickets for Los Temerarios are now on sale.These are the prices | Special
Daredevils | Special

How do I purchase a Daredevil Super Boletos ticket?

To get a pass to see Daredevil live and sing the biggest hits like: my life you you, how i remember you come because i need you you are my life, your last song you are a dream i am there and The woman I had a dream that. first thing to do by entering the following link:

continue, You will be taken to the official page of Los Temerariosthere you will see a list of concerts by the musical group and you will have to choose one from the concerts on 14th and 15th February 2024 in Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

Page Daredevils / Captcha
Page Daredevils / Captcha

Next will put you on the waiting list, and it says, “You are now in line for Mexico City Los Temerarios. When it is your turn, you will have five minutes to enter the website.” Below the text is the line and number of people in line to purchase tickets.

Take precautions and create a ticketing company accountBecause when you go through the waiting list, you will be asked to buy a ticket.

Waiting line Daredevils / Capture
Waiting line Daredevils / Capture

continue, The company shows a map of the Arena Ciudad de Mexico.. You have to choose a location. Cost depends on location.

under youThen you are asked to pay and you are ready to go. got the pass.Ticket purchase confirmation for Los Temerarios concerts it will come in the mail Registered for an account super ticket.

Los Temerarios concert prices at Superticket

  • VIP $4380
  • Red $3765
  • Barcelona Fire $3138
  • Pepsi Zone $3138
  • Yellow $3138
  • Roche Franc $2510
  • McCormick $2510
  • Aztec Bank $2510
  • Green $2510
  • Super Platinum Box $2134
  • Gold Super Box $2134
  • Various capacities in Superbox $2134
  • light blue $2134
  • Platinum Super Box Limited View $2134
  • Gold Super Parco Exclusive View $2134
  • Purple $1757
  • Aqua $1056
  • Pink $1004
  • Pink Exclusive View $1004
  • Coffee $753
  • Exclusive View Coffee $753
  • Gray $565
  • Gray Exclusive View $565

These are the ticket prices for the Los Temerarios Farewell Concert |
These are the ticket prices for the Los Temerarios Farewell Concert |

Location Arena Mexico City: Los Temerarios Concert

Arena Mexico City Located in Mayor Azcapotzalco’s office, from the capital of Mexico. Located at 800 De Las Granjas Avenue in Santa Barbara. Alameda Norte in the back and Centro Deportivo Ferro Carrillero in front.


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