How to Buy Travis Scott Merchant?

Since Astroworld In 2018, We Haven’t Had A Travis Scott Project (If We Don’t Mind It) jackboy Absolutely). A deadly stampede followed the traumatic incidentThe rapper has finally announced the arrival of his album at the Astroworld festival, utopia, for July 28. And what says new album also says new Travis Scott merchandise. For each project, he has been able to provide us with ultra cool designs that have become famous for being very expensive found on Stock X.

So if you’re looking to click on the next Travis Scott merchandise without looking at the resale box and potential prices, we’ve got you covered.

Well, we’ve been waiting for Travis Scott’s next project for a long time, and this time the advice is not to wait for the release and try to buy the accessories that come with it. In fact, you can even pre-order it now. It’s that simple really, Travis Scott could be a superstar, just like any artist he teases. So on July 10, he announced on his Instagram account a livestream to be held at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

In the description of the post, we find his website quite simply in the link. Upon clicking, you’ll find the possibility to pre-order merchandise that will be delivered to you along with the album. Well, like everyone else, good old Travis found a way to boost his sales in the first week of what he knows is overhyped, even as it hits his fanbase. goes further than

What’s in Travis Scott Merchant?

It is really super packed. There you can’t say “yes, I don’t like it”, there is something for everyone. T-shirts, hats and hoodies. We’re not dueling on two tees, we’re on what we might call an almost complete collection. It makes me want to buy everything. Plus, there are definitely terminally ill people who will try to get everything, and Travis has thought about it, because at the bottom of his e-shop, there’s a “Pre-Order All” button. ) Is. That’s a total of $1410, or about 1200€. The rapper’s shrewdness is that if you “pre-order everything” hit 25 times off his new album, it’s going to be a great first week.

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