How to clean the air conditioner to prevent health problems

How to clean the air conditioner to prevent health problems: here’s how to do it in a short time and with zero expenses

Dirty filters danger
Air conditioner, how to clean it? (Pixabay)

The air conditioner has become indispensable. Certainly, to date, when we turn it on, we certainly do it with a bit of Magone. Certainly we cannot pretend not to know everything that an air conditioner entails: not only a not just pollution, and pollution in this historical period we should do without it, but also a considerable use of energy.

At a time when bills and expenses are very high, we should do everything possible to curb its use and make much more use of it. The advice is always the same, common sense should be followed. For example, when we use it, we close the windows why don’t you work in vain. Let’s not leave it on all night, even for our health.

Also, to save money, you should also make one maintenance constant. It doesn’t take anything: you can do it yourself and with absolutely zero expenses.


How to clean the air conditioner, the advice

Air conditioner cleaning advice
Cleaning spray (Pixabay)

Cleaning the air conditioner is of paramount importance. Not only does a poorly maintained air conditioner consume a lot more, it also makes noise. Furthermore, the air emitted could be of poor quality, and make us sick. The filters, for example, could be dusty and induce allergies of various kinds, even creating real ones breathing problems.

Here’s what you need to do to clean the filters. First, we disconnect the air conditioner from the power, to avoid bad accidents. We then need to understand where the filters are: they are usually placed close to the grate. To remove the tailgate, we force: we may have to equip ourselves with a screwdriver to disassemble it. At this point we extract the filters.

The filters can be cleaned either by using a vacuum cleaner, with a special nozzle, dry, or by passing them under water. In this second case, we use warm water and a mild soap, possibly natural.

A warning that could make the difference: before reassembling everything, make sure they are only thoroughly dry, or mold could form. By then you would have simply made the situation worse.

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