How to create an ideal bedroom?

A dream bedroom is definitely the space where comfort is superlative, where you can rest in peace without any inconvenience. This space should invite you to relax and be a real refuge after a stressful day. 

This is how things should be, but, unfortunately, in most cases, arranging a bedroom is a neglected and hasty step in anyone’s renovation. Unlike the living room, which is the place where you receive your guests and host parties or movie nights, the bedroom is a room entirely dedicated to you. Precisely for this reason, many people make the mistake of believing that if the bedroom is not in front of the guests, it is not worth investing too much time and energy in decorating it.

Now, we have gathered some information on the most important rules related to the arrangement of a bedroom, as well as other creative suggestions from which you can be inspired when you want to decorate or renovate your sleeping space.

Practical tips on bedroom design

Unfortunately, the configuration of the bedrooms, especially when talking about flat ones, is not always satisfactory. Some rooms are either too small and cramped or have a shape that complicates the process of arranging furniture. Fortunately, you can steal a few tricks from professional decorators, who always resort to design rules that have the role of remedying many such shortcomings.

Arranging a small bedroom

Such a bedroom is a real challenge, because the most important piece of furniture – the bed, must be positioned in such a way as to stand out and still leave room for the rest of the furniture. In order to avoid the unpleasant situation in which you installed the bed, but you no longer have room to put bedside tables, a dresser or a wardrobe, you must take into account some essential aspects.

First of all, it would be advisable to stick the wide side of the bed to the main wall, as long as it leaves space for you to move around the room without having to go around the corner of the bed every time you enter the bedroom. If you choose to place the bed between two free walls, try to leave the center of the room empty, so you can benefit from a small space for other pieces of furniture, even if you have to give up a bedside table. However, you can compensate for this with a few shelves mounted above the bed.

In terms of colors, the best option for a small bedroom is white, because it reflects light much better and visually amplifies the size of the space. If you do not like white, you can try to create textures on the walls using a wallpaper in warm beige or cream tones. 

Another great idea is to find smart storage solutions. Ideally, you should try to find a bed that has one or more drawers for storage or, if not, you can also use storage boxes that can be placed under the bed. To find such furniture pieces you can use New York Furniture Outlets, that provides a wide assortment of the comfortable and highly practical furnishings. 

A small room can be balanced by using space as efficiently as possible – vertically. Do not hesitate to mount a few shelves and locate them as close to the ceiling as possible.

Arranging a narrow and rectangular bedroom

If you have a narrow bedroom, you face other types of problems. In this situation, it is excluded from the start to try to place the bed in the center of the room or stick it to the main wall. This option is only possible in rare cases when a narrow bedroom is still very spacious. The most reasonable option for a narrow bedroom is to place the bed lengthwise, at any end of the room where it seems more convenient.

The most difficult task is to eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia given by the very close to each other walls, as well as to intelligently use the remaining available surface. It would be perfect if, after installing the bed, there is still enough space for bedside tables. If they did not go in a set with the bed, you have the option of a shelf mounted on the smallest wall of the room. You can turn this room into a bedroom for children or teenagers and there will be enough space left for a small closet and a few bookshelves.

Another optical trick that practically cuts the length of the room and accentuates its width is to paint the smaller walls in warm colors. According to the theory of warm shades such as orange, red or yellow, they give a feeling of closeness, while the cold ones seem to move away from the eye. Precisely for this reason, if you choose finishes in warm colors, opt only for the more distant walls of the bedroom, to balance its dimensions.

Arranging a bedroom in the attic

You should know that arranging a bedroom in the attic is done according to a few different rules than an ordinary bedroom. The factors you should take into account are the special configuration of the ceiling as well as the degree of resistance of the floor. First of all, avoid crowding multiple pieces of furniture, and make sure that the floor can withstand the weight of all the pieces of furniture. At the same time, install several artificial lighting sources in the form of spotlights or wall sconces. Don’t forget the panels or the blinds on the windows, because, in summer, the light during the day can be too strong.

What colors do you choose for painting the bedroom

It’s not so difficult to choose the right shades for the bedroom walls. You just have to consider a few rules. One of them refers to the 60/30/10 ratio. Specifically, 60 percent is the dominant color, normally, a lighter shade, 30 percent is the secondary color, respectively the color of furniture and parquet. Finally, 10 percent is the color of the accent or the decorations.

What decorations do you choose for the bedroom

It is recommended to opt for decorations and accessories in strong shades, such as red, orange, cherry, blue or purple. On the walls, you can place paintings or pictures with stylish frames, depending on your tastes and personality. However, you must also consider the style of your bedroom furniture.

A practical and fashionable idea are 3D wallpapers, which help the room stand out and can even make you relax faster, as a soothing contemplation activity after a long day. For more light, you can place more mirrors opposite windows or other light sources. The TV or computer certainly has no place in the bedroom. They can be suitably placed in the living room or office.

We hope that these tips have helped you to get an idea of ​​what an ideal bedroom should look like – a place where you could spend your evenings and where you would wake up with joy.

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