How to deal with grief in cases like that of the teenager who died after falling from the ICON Park attraction | Videos | Univision Orlando WVEN

this part remains closedat the moment all the parksof theatrical attractions there arewhat to take find them let’sanalyze with the psychologistmargarita mendoza, the doctormeet usabout the trauma that can begenerate through aincident of this type. aduel that is definitelyendorsing the family andalso many relatives.>> a 14-year-old boy wholose your life and besides thatthat he was a tourist, that is, that theparents and the one who will beagain, it’s a tragedy, anotherproblem, definitelyfamily members will needa lot of help as to howmanage the painful process.there will be angerfrustrations, because I gave myson, my nephew, thatattraction. and what we have todo is listen and help goresolving the duel. part ofhelp help them thinkhow can they repatriate thatbody to the place where theyoung man will shut up and tryhandle this anger they’re going tohave and this frustration thatthey will have to feelguilty.amber: a difficult situationfor relatives, searchguilty helps the process ofduel?>> no, definitely not.they are not guilty ofsituation.always after a deathaccidentally there is a question thatwe always stay in themind. could she have prevented it?

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