how to download articles or the WHOLE Wikipedia to read it offline

We are going to explain two methods with which you can download Wikipedia on your device so you can see it later when you’re offline. In the first method, we will tell you how to download only a certain article from Wikipedia, and in the second, we will tell you how to download all of it.

Especially in the second method, you have various ways and tools to do it. We have chosen offer you the simplest method, which is through a third-party open source application. But there may be other methods, and if you think there is a better one, I invite you to share it with others in the comments section.

Download a full article

Download As Pdf

The first method that we are going to teach you is one that serves to download full article. And you don’t have to go around printing the page as a PDF, since it’s a native option within Wikipedia itself. All you have to do is enter the article you want to download, and click on the option Download as PDF that appears in the left column, within the section print/export.

Press Download

This will take you to a special page where Wikipedia will show you the file you want to download. The file has been generated by Wikipedia itself, so that everything will appear perfectly adapted to you. The only thing you have to do on this page is push the button Download which will appear in blue.


And that’s it. The PDF file will be downloaded to your device, and from there you can save it wherever you want and view it with any reader of this type of file. You will already have the article available offlineand you can save it in storage units to take it wherever you want.

How to download ALL Wikipedia

low kiwix

Download ALL Wikipedia to store it offline as if it were a digital encyclopedia like Encarga and its alternatives is possible, although somewhat more complex. Wikipedia won’t let you do it, and you will have to resort to some third-party tool. In this aspect, the most recommended is Kiwixan open source program that you can download for any operating system or as a browser extension from its official website.

Download Wiki

Kiwix is ​​a reader that allows you to download and use copies of Wikipedia and other online sources of knowledge. The copies have been made in the Kiwix community, and you have text-only or full versions with all the images. In the copy you will see what is going to occupy you. This program will allow you to download Wikipedia on your PC and mobile, and you will also use it to read the copies that you have downloaded later.

Wikipedia is left behind in video: how the philosophy of free content that elevated it hampers its audiovisual modernization

low zim

And if this were not enough, you will also be able to externally download copies of Wikipedia what Kiwix has available on this website, where you will have copies of all languages. What you are going to do is download the .zim file that you can then use with the Kiwix application.

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