How to dress during pregnancy without giving up on fashion

How to dress during pregnancy according to influencers and celebrities

Today, the stars do not hesitate to adopt maternity looks that show the baby bump thanks to tight dresses and low-rise jeans. But that wasn’t always the case. Motherhood brings with it the intimate relationship that a woman has with her child and, consequently, with her body. If in the first months it is in fact a completely personal condition, after the fourth month, you begin to glimpse the curves of pregnancy. And here comes the question to which each woman then answers in a personal way: baby bump on display yes or baby bump on display no?

Looking at the recent photos posted on Instagram by influencers and celebrities, there would seem to be no more doubts: that roundness must not be concealed, on the contrary, the invitation is precisely to show it off. But it wasn’t always like this: for a long time, waiting was a taboo.

Today the canonical “photo with the belly” is an image that remains in the memory album (even virtual): jeans left open, tight dresses or cut-outs are the outfits adopted to communicate pregnancy to one’s community. The belly is no longer hidden but proudly displayed, it is the center of maternity looks that today do not give up on fashion trends, indeed they even determine them, when it comes to celebrities on the red carpet, influencers on Instagram and models on the catwalk. We think about Jourdan Dunn (in 2010 in the eighth month of pregnancy for Jean Paul Gaultier), Miranda Kerr (in 2011 for Balenciaga), Bianca Balti (in 2015 for Dolce & Gabbana), Ashley Graham (in 2019 for Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Show).

Jourdan Dunn


Miranda Kerr

Chris Moore / Catwalking

Bianca Balti

Pietro S. D’Aprano

The latest appearance is on the occasion of London Fashion Week which has just ended: Maggie Maurer walked for Nensi Dojaka with a nude sequin dress and only now do we understand that the muse of Daniel Roseberry, creative director of Schiaparelliwas hiding a beautiful secret during the last haute couture appointment.

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A bag by Hermès for Grace Kelly and maxi dresses for Lady Diana: the fashion tricks to hide the belly during pregnancy

Indeed, the time when a young woman seems distant Grace Kelly decided to hide her belly behind the iconic Hermès bag. It is 1956 and the Principality of Monaco awaits the arrival of the eldest daughter of Ranieri and Grace, Carolina. A maternal, protective gesture to hide the news not yet public from the media, while the photo ends up on the cover of Life. Not very different is the philosophy of Lady Diana: we are in the 80s and the Duchess chooses large patterned dresses for William, ruffles and bows for Harry’s arrival.

Grace Kelly, 1956

Howard Sochurek

Lady Diana,

Tim Graham

90s: pregnancy belly is no longer a taboo

For many it was a shock to see the bare belly of Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair. That portrait of Annie Leibovitz created so much hype that many called it “pornographic”. Yet, more than 30 years after that shot, showing the roundness of pregnancy is still considered by some people an indecent act.: on the one hand we find the “indecency” of showing a body considered “imperfect” (we advise you to read the article “Why is it so difficult to free yourself from an ideal of beauty and good taste that dates back to the end of the 19th century?“), On the other hand there is the” indecency “of sharing the intimacy of one’s own state of pregnancy. Both thoughts are the children of a preconception, the same one that banned the word “pregnant” from the American sitcom in 1952 I love Lucy (just when its protagonist, Lucille Ballwas pregnant). But where is the vulgarity of a naked body that changes, waiting to give birth to new life?

Here it is Demi Moore destabilized, created bewilderment but brought home a great victory: that of living pregnancy without prejudice, without having to hide the baby bump behind a loose dress or a handbag, enough to put it on the cover.

2000s: the time has come to enhance the belly during pregnancy

With the arrival of the 2000s, seeing a naked belly is no longer considered a novelty: however, that image takes on a new meaning that goes beyond the mere communication of one’s own state of pregnancy. There is the body’s acceptance that – inevitably and naturally – changes shape and it cannot fail to question concepts such as beauty, sexuality and success. Here is that body positivity tells about the transformation of mum-to-be with their accentuated feminine curves, the belly getting bigger, the red stretch marks on the skin and the softer facial features. Women like the singer Beyoncéthe model Ashley Graham or the beauty blogger Clio show us that motherhood is beautiful and it can be lived without filters.

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The last frontier of motherhood: dressing sexy

There is a strong debate on “how to dress during pregnancy”, which clothes are allowed in the maternity wardrobe and what is not recommended. (assuming it still makes sense to talk about allowed or forbidden clothes). The topic is becoming a “hot topic” for Rihanna’s hyper media pregnancy unveiled with a look that shows her completely naked belly thanks to a pair of low-waisted jeans and the vintage down jacket left open, while the “call angels” necklace has been replaced by a maxi cross, a jewel by Christian Lacroix. Today, if you shake the photos of RiRi shared on Instagram, you can see a certain coherence in her maternity looks with leggings and pants that do not cover the belly, while a series of precious body jewels adorn this part of the body in an almost sacral way. But she is not the only one.

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Before Rihanna, some celebrities and influencers profoundly changed the image of pregnant womenembracing sexy fashion that focuses on the body (among these there is also the brand Nensi Dojaka). In pregnancy you do not give up tight cuts, cut-out models, low waist and impalpable transparent fabrics.

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