How to earn cryptocurrency

It is clear that today there are a lot of people who are interested in cryptocurrency and who want to become its owners. Everyone remembers the story of Bitcoin — the first crypto ever. Most people thought it is a scam and BTC believers are crazy people who are going to lose their money. And in the end of the day Bitcoin skyrocketed and those believers have been amply rewarded. Today crypto isn’t that mysterious and with its rise in popularity the number of people wondering how to earn cryptocurrency has grown manifold. To answer this question and to help newcomers to become a part of the crypto community the best analysts of crypto exchange put together a list of three the most handy ways to obtain some crypto.

1. Buy

Probably the easiest way to become an owner of digital coins — just go and buy them. It could be a problem five years ago but today it is easy and available to everyone. The industry has expanded and the demand became higher. In 2020 we have dozens of services that give an opportunity to easily and safely enter the market to any beginner. So, how to do it, how to buy tokens? If your aim is to obtain some BTC, you are lucky because it is easy and wouldn’t be a problem, this crypto is available on any exchange or swapping service. But altcoins are less accessible and to buy them you have to use specific cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose an exchange, create an account, verify it and follow simple instructions on the website (they are usually really easy to understand). Don’t forget to pay attention to transaction fees.

2. Mine

We need to talk about mining. It is a good way to obtain some crypto. Nota bene: not all cryptocurrencies can be mined. Cryptomining is the process in which transactions between users are verified and added into the blockchain public ledger. Miners’ job is to confirm every transaction and make sure that every single one of them is legitimate for what they get rewards. How to mine cryptocurrency? This time if your aim is BTC, you are not so lucky — to mine it you have to be an owner of high-end equipment such as ASIC. Other tokens can be mined even with a regular computer.

3. Coinbase/Binance

Coinbase is a huge and very trustworthy American cryptocurrency service. Here you can find a wide choice of different coins. If you find this platform good to use, you can refer your friends and each of you will get $10 of BTC. If you are not a USA resident, your choice is Binance — on this platform users are able to earn 40% on referrals. Another way to get the money is to become a member of the Coinbase Earn program. You just need to choose a crypto, watch an instructional video about it and take an easy test, after which you receive its tokens. Then you get a referral code you are able to share with friends so they can gain rewards too.

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