How to get free characters with Link system

This is how you can get any Free Fire character for free with the Link system; play matches and collect link points to unlock your favorite character.

From a March 2022 update free fire has included one of the most important novelties in the game: the system linka system that allows players totally free unlock to any character without having to buy it as it happens so far.

The Link system is just what you need if you want to get a character without spending anything of diamonds in it, so in this entry of our guide we are going to show you a step by step tutorial with all you have to do to get characters for free in Free Fire.

What is the Link system and how to unlock characters for free?

The Link system (or link in Spanish), is a system that Free Fire implements related to the characters in the game. Through this system, players can unlock any character of the game of free formboth the old characters and the new characters that arrive in the future.

Free Fire - C

To use the Link system and unlock characters for free you have to follow these steps:

  • Once in the Free Fire main menu, click on the “Characters” tab.
  • Now select the character you would like to get for free.
  • Click on it “Link system” button at the top right of the screen (it’s a blue icon next to the inventory).

  • Free Fire - Link with a character to get it for free

  • In the next section you will “make link” with the character that you have chosen To activate the link click on the “+” button on the silhouette of the character.
  • Finally select a character and click on the “Link” button yellow.

By doing this you can bind to character with the link system. The game will ask you if you want to confirm the selection; note that It can not be changed the character you link with during 24 hours after confirmation.

Complete Link progress by earning Link Points

Free Fire - Link System Tutorial

After you have added a character to the Link system, the next thing you need to do is just play games to accumulate enough link points to get it for free. Everyone characters can be unlocked by reaching the 13,500 connection points.

Free Fire - Get link points to unlock characters

Finally, when you reach 13,500 endpoints you will unlock the character totally free in your account and it will be available forever. So easy and simple.

How to change characters in the Link system?

It should be mentioned that the Free Fire Link system only works at the same time with a single character. That is, you can only bind to one character at a time. If you link Shirou, you can only advance Shirou’s Link progress.

  • However, you can change the character of your Link system after 24 hours having made the confirmation.
  • If you have advanced a character’s Link progress, and you change to anotherthe progress made with your first character will be saved.
  • So you can switch between characters and advance your Link progress without losing anything by the way.

To switch between characters linked to the Link system you just have to go to the “Characters” menu and within the “LINK” system section choose another character you want to bond with (if 24 hours have passed since you selected the last one, you will be allowed to do so).

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