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Aging, lack of exercise and loss of muscle mass are causes of stunted growth in women over 50 Sagging or drooping skin on your arms. It’s a problem that affects thousands of people, but Queen Letizia of Spain, 51, is an exception.

It’s no secret to anyone that the wife of King Felipe VI maintains a healthy routine through a strict diet and exercise routine, and she shows off her arms every chance she gets.

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Exercises to show off toned arms like Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia keeps training to keep her arms toned. Photo: X@CasaReal

Get rid of flab, also known as “batwing,” and get toned arms like the Queen of Spain with three key exercises to strengthen your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


Push-ups allow you to exercise your arms, abs, and other parts of your body. All you need to do is lean on your hands and toes and keep your body as straight as possible.

Then, bend your elbows back, bringing your chest toward the floor, and slowly return to the starting position. According to Elle, this exercise can be performed in three groups, with each group repeated 8 to 10 times, and the number can be gradually increased.

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The high plank is an exercise that strengthens your arms, core, and even your hips. Photos: Free Images

The famous magazine also noted that the high plank is one of the most commonly performed exercises by Doña Letizia. During practice, you must maintain your original posture, with your hands and toes on the ground, and your body straight.

Tighten your abs and hold the position for 30 seconds the first time, then increase the time between each exercise.

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Again maintain the base position of the push-up. First, lift one foot off the floor and raise your knee until it touches your chest, making sure to keep your body aligned. Return your leg to the starting point and repeat with the other leg.


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