How to heat a house economically? An energy supplier in the UK advised to “hug the pet”. Now he is apologizing

The shocking advice appeared on the blog of SSE Energy Services, which has been in the Ovo Energy group since 2020. Among the “10 simple and profitable ways to keep heat and reduce bills” there was a suggestion that, among others, eat porridge or stay in motion. But the authors of the text did not stop there.

“In addition to stopping drafts, SSE said people can find” extra heat “by leaving the oven open after cooking and by” cuddling with their pets and loved ones to help keep them cozy, “ reads.

Blog advice can no longer be found. They were removed after the wave of criticism that fell on SEZ and Ovo Energy. The clients were apologized for “inconsiderate” and “unhelpful” advice.


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Ovo Energy announced that the content of the blog was, inter alia, unhelpful for customers. “We are perplexed and sincerely apologize” the supplier added in a statement to the BBC. And further: “We understand how difficult the situation will be for many of our customers this year.”

UK energy prices are rising

Energy bills for households and businesses in the UK have risen in recent months, according to the BBC, as energy suppliers switched to soaring wholesale gas prices.


“Increased demand for oil and gas in Asia, the rapid recovery of some economies after the lockdown, and a summer with little wind to generate alternative energy contributed to rising energy costs.” – informs the BBC. He adds that much of the UK’s housing stock is aging and retains very little heat.

UK experts predict electricity bills in April will increase by up to 50 percent. This means the energy bills of the average household will be 700 pounds higher per year.


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