How to install and use Android apps on Windows 11

With the arrival of Windows 11 Update 2022, Microsoft’s operating system officially opened to support for Android apps. It does this through the Amazon Appstore which can be installed from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11, with the 2022 update, is truly an operating system for everyone. We tried the news

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Android apps on Windows 11 use Windows Subsystem for Android, an Android kernel installed on Microsoft’s operating system as a virtual machine. In PCs with x86 processors (including AMD ones) Intel Bridge Technology is used to connect the emulator and Windows, while in PCs with Arm processors the execution of Android apps is native.

Just install the Amazon Appstore

For installation on Intel machines, the process is still incredibly simple: the user just has to follow the steps indicated by Windows 11, which result in a few mouse clicks. Of course, since the Android apps are the ones from the Amazon storethe user must necessarily have an Amazon account.

We start by opening the Microsoft Store and typing in the search field “Amazon Appstore”. You will be taken to the application page still indicated as “Preview”, because the apps hosted in this version of the store are not all those available in the catalog.

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Therefore, proceed with the installation of the Amazon Appstore following the three steps indicated by Windows 11, which will install the Android virtualization via the Windows Subsystem kernel which must be downloaded. At the end of the installation the PC will have to be restarted.

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You can then open the Amazon Appstore app which, for the first launch, may show the green Windows Subystem icon for Android.

After loading, which can take a few seconds, the application will ask the user to log in with an Amazon account.

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Once logged in, you are ready to install the desired apps. We tried a game, noting that after activating the notification option of the download and installation progress of the Appstore, Windows 11 kept us updated on the status of the download activity with system notifications.

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The application opens in a window, but you can also expand it to full screen. In this case, however, the background is filled (unfortunately) with a light color even if you choose the dark theme of the operating system.

We had no problems in overall performance, except for some occasional micro-shots; but it can depend on the hardware your PC is running on and the type of app.

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Full screen app

Applications installed can be deleted from the usual app menu within Windows Settings.

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Android apps uninstall from the usual Settings menu

We have seen that for Windows Subsystem for Android in the Users \ folder[nome utente]\ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ MicrosoftCorporationII.WindowsSubsystemForAndroid_8wekyb3d8bbwe a cache is created through the disk image of a .vhdx file of about 2 GB that does not change in size when the number of apps installed changes. (“8wekyb3d8bbwe” is the Publisher ID given by Microsoft itself within the Microsoft Store.)

While in C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps, the folder where Microsoft Store apps are installed, the .vhdx will change in size depending on the amount of apps installed.

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