“How to leave Russia”, a surge in online searches pending Putin’s speech. Fear of “general mobilization”

“How to leave Russia” became one of the strongest searches on Google in the afternoon from the Urals to Siberia. And the more the anticipation grew for Vladimir Putin’s speech to the nation, the more the research that continued even when the leader’s intervention was finally postponed in a boundless scenario in the chaos of communications by the Kremlin. The increase in search was intercepted in particular by the Telegram Mozhem Obyasnit but it is also detectable on Google Trends, as the meduza.io site underlines.

But what could have triggered the desire to figure out how to leave Russia? An exodus animated mainly by Russian high-bourgeois was recorded last March, in the days immediately following the aggression of Ukraine when the borders were not yet sealed and the sanctions had not yet aggravated the economy. Now the situation has certainly worsened and the fear of “general mobilization” is growing, which could force millions of Russians of age to end up on the military draft. It is no coincidence that the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, unanimously approved the law that exacerbates penalties for those who violate martial law (linked to general mobilization) and draft dodgers. And then there is the alarming question of the “referendum” for the annexation of Donbass, the results of which are not predictable.

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