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At first you know what it is design thinking? Well, this is a method that can be used in all areas that need to work with innovation and creativity. Let’s learn a little more about design thinking to innovate your business!

However, this being the focus, above all it is necessary to always ask about human need before each process and steps to move forward.

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Where did this come from?

Primarily, the notion of design as a “way of thinking” was outlined by Herbert A. Simon, in The Science of the Artificial, from 1969. Despite this, the process gained greater notoriety in the 1990s, mainly by professionals working in the Vale do Silicon.

Definitely the main exponents of design thinking are: David Kelley, professor at Stanford University and CEO of the innovation company IDEO, and his colleague Tim Brown, current CEO of this same consultancy and author of “Change by Design” (in Portuguese, “Design Thinking – A powerful methodology to decree the end of old ideas”).

Popularized by IDEO, the approach was presented and discussed in 2006 at the World Economic Forum in Davos. As a result, 2 years later, he graced one of the covers of the Harvard Business Review. From there, the whole world started to apply design thinking.

People-centric strategy

Primarily, the objective of the method is to achieve innovative solutions, using design thinking. The results from projects based on this method must be viable and sustainable, as well as desirable for the client.

O design thinking It has some processing steps, which can also be done in a group, and does not need to be carried out in sequence. See below the five main steps, according to the Stanford Institute of Design.


1. Create empathy
First of all, after identifying the problem, it is necessary to have empathy for those involved, that is, to find out what their needs are, what they like and what they want. By answering these questions, you can put aside your concepts and focus on the demands of others.

2. Define
However, after discovering the customers’ needs – or whoever will be at the heart of the problem – it is necessary to outline everything that needs to be done or created to solve this problem. Ideally, create a persona to focus on the human behind the process.

3. Ideation
In the same way, here you must use all the knowledge you acquired in the previous steps to take a risk in creating. This creation follows in the form of fluid suggestions, without censorship and fear of error.

4. Prototyping
This is the time to pick some ideas and experiment. Creating prototypes helps to identify the best solution to solve the problems encountered. The ideal is to create inexpensive prototypes, to aid in the investigation of ideas.

5. Test
In this way, the test step is able to identify if that creation can really solve the persona problem, and if it needs any changes, it is possible to return at any other step and change or discard any idea.

Final considerations

Therefore, the design thinking method can be used in companies, NGOs, and governments around the world. In Brazil, we have the example of Itaú Unibanco, Nubank and companies linked to technology and startups that use the method to innovate in their area. In addition, Steve Jobs has already commented on the model and implemented it at Apple.

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