How to make wavy hair without a straightener, Martina Pinto’s trick

The long bob and the one in the mini version have been inspired cuts for several years and also for 2023 they are confirmed among the most popular cuts, it will be for that retro charm capable of immediately giving a refined and cheeky allure to the wearer.

If the short one is the ideal cut to manage in winter, one of the coolest interpretations of the long bobi wavy bob hair they are perfect for changing the look compared to straight, giving even more volume and movement to the hair and ideal to combine with a maxi fringe or in a side version like that of Emily Ratajkowski. This haircut is increasingly loved by celebs, as demonstrated by Zendaya’s choice in a preppy chic style and that of Martina Pinto on Instagram which is super inspirational, since the actress shared a tutorial on how to blow-dry the long bob in a wavy version without using a straightener.

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Wavy hair without a straightener, here’s how to have it according to Martina Pinto

The long bob of Alessandro Poggi’s wife is in a blonde version with waves in hair which give charm and elegance to her look, embellishing the eyes. Who says that a hairdresser or a specific hair straightener is needed for a perfect blow-dry? Thanks to the tutorial shared with his followers, we now know it’s possible make ringlets and fold this cut even without using heat.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Goodbye straightener, here’s how to have wavy hair with a bob

When you are tired of smooth long bob you can choose a wavy version of this cut, simply using curlers, leaving the necessary time in place. This is a useful idea from which to take inspiration if, for example, you want to prepare for an important occasion and you don’t have time to go to the hair stylist. As it shows Martina Pintojust divide the dry hair into many small strands and roll them up using special rolls rollers covered in fabric. Immediately afterwards it will be necessary to reverse the curler, placing it on the other side (so it will not even be necessary to use clips to stop the strands).

The laying time may vary based on the type of hair, but it is approximately two hours. After this time, you can remove the curlers and to give volume and naturalness to the hair you will have to work the strands with your hands, opening them. In a few simple steps you will have natural curls without the use of heat, just one coat of anti-frizz spray to counteract the humidity to pass on the hair before starting to arrange the curlers.


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