How to prepare a car for winter? Washer fluid and tires are not enough

First of all – the right tires

Good winter or all-season tires adapted to winter conditions are an absolute basis for safe and efficient driving not only on snow or mud, but also whenever the temperature drops below freezing.

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The mixture from which typical summer tires are made loses its properties and may fail us even on completely dry asphalt. It is not worth saving on tires, so let’s try to choose the best we can do and categorically avoid used occasions.

According to the recommendations of the Polish Tire Industry Association, a used tire that is more than 6 years old should be disposed of. Similarly to the one with a tread less than 4 mm (in the case of winter tires and all-season tires). Meanwhile, the advertisements still contain rubbers that do not meet these criteria. For such offers, even very cheap ones, it’s definitely a waste of money.

You won’t get far without electricity

One of the most common “breakdowns” drivers face in winter is a dead battery. Although it is a trivial matter, it can effectively immobilize the vehicle. Mostly when we are in a hurry somewhere. In order to avoid unnecessary stress, it is worth checking the condition of the battery and if necessary, recharge it. And when that doesn’t help, replace it with a new one.

This can be done in any workshop a the checking or replacement service itself is often free. By the way, it is also worth verifying the condition of the electrical installation and equipment. A worn alternator belt or damaged cables can become noticeable at the least expected moment, depriving us of e.g. lighting or heating, and in the worst-case scenario, the possibility of further driving.

Check the fluids, not just the washer fluid

Before winter arrives, we should make sure that all operating fluids will not fail us in cold weather. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the washer fluid. The summer one will freeze in no time, so replace it with the winter one, which will guarantee good visibility even in severe frosts. But this is not the end.

The brake fluid is also crucial, which should be replaced approximately every two years. Unfortunately, many drivers forget about it, which manifests itself in a decrease in the effectiveness of the brakes, which are, after all, crucial for safety. What’s more, the liquid has strong hygroscopic properties – strongly absorbs moisture. When it is worn out, frost can greatly affect its properties.

The situation is similar with the coolant, in which the range of permissible temperatures – both freezing and boiling – decreases with age. It happens that in some neglected cars someone has replaced the special liquid with water. If you have suspicions that this is the case with you, replace it with fluid immediately. Otherwise, there is a risk that everything will freeze and seriously damage not only the radiator but also the engine block.

Cosmetics, but how important

In addition to the most important issues listed above, we should also take into account the details that can improve the comfort and safety of winter driving. First of all, it is well-selected and efficient windscreen wipers, guaranteeing good visibility in a period dominated by black and gray. It is also efficient lighting and ventilation system. All this affects not only the visibility, but also the comfort of using the car.

It is also worth replacing fabric rugs with rubber ones that do not absorb moisture and lubricate the seals with silicone to minimize the risk of the door freezing. The last issue is fuel, which should be the best, especially in winter. It is also not worth riding on the reserve, because the empty space in the fuel tank promotes the formation of condensate, which later ends up in the fuel system. This is especially important in modern diesel engines that are sensitive to fuel quality.

What else? Sometimes jumper cables come in handy – if not for you, then for example a neighbor who you can help start the car when his battery strikes him. Also consider buying a spray de-icer. which makes cleaning windows much easier and does not scratch them like classic scrapers.

By following the above tips, you can be sure that winter behind the wheel, even harsh, will be nothing more than another season of the year and not a period full of stress and unpleasant surprises.

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