How to Prepare and Drink Soursop Leaf Tea to Treat Gastritis, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Other Conditions

Soursop tea also known as Graviola tea (special grade)

We have many great allies for our health in nature, although many times we may not realize the benefits of many foods, or other parts of them that we could take advantage of.

The same is true for fruits Soursop, It is popular for preparing delicious water; however, apart from fruits, Leaves Its source also provides a variety of nutrients.

It is for this reason that many people use these leaves to prepare Infusions that protect the body from various diseases Since it has many benefits, here we tell you about some of them.

Soursop tree (special)

There are so many benefits to drinking this tea that many people even call it “ “Magic Tea”; However, their benefits are not directed toward magical issues, but rather toward the vast array of compounds, nutrients, and antioxidants they contain.

-Prevent diabetes

This is because soursop leaves also contain phytochemicals like tannins and flavonoids, which help lower blood sugar levels.

– Helps fight gastritis

The leaves of this fruit provide Gastroprotective effect Since it contains high amounts of antioxidants and other compounds, it forms a protective layer on the stomach wall, which is why it fights gastritis and ulcers.

Its compounds have a protective effect on the stomach wall (Freepik)

-Lower blood pressure

The leaves contain alkaloid compounds as well as essential oils, such as caryophyllene, which have blood pressure lowering properties It works by blocking calcium ion channels, allowing blood vessels to relax and stay more open, thus providing better blood pressure control for people with high blood pressure.

-Prevent and fight cancer

Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are so powerful that they can help the body fight cancer tumors in addition to helping relieve symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

Compounds in this tea can fight cancerous tumors (Illustration by Infobae)

-Reduce arthritis symptoms

The compounds in this leaf also have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it’s great for fighting conditions like arthritis and can often reduce pain when drinking tea.

-Strengthen immune system

In general, consuming it helps prevent many diseases, including respiratory diseases.

Promote collagen and elastin production

In addition to improving your health, consuming it can help you stay young as it contains large amounts of Antioxidants and other compounds that also promote collagen production.

Eating it helps reduce signs of aging (Illustrative Image Infobae)

There are two ways to prepare this tea:

Form 1

  • Boil a liter of water and when it boils, add the soursop leaves.
  • Heat for another 30 minutes to concentrate the nutrients in the leaves.
  • Once the water has reduced by half, strain the liquid.
  • Wait for the liquid to cool
  • Add lemon juice and honey
  • Stir until ingredients are completely combined.

*This method can refrigerate the tea; however, it must be consumed on the same day, as it will lose its efficacy if it exceeds 8 hours.

Method two:

  • hot water in cup
  • Add 5 dry leaves and let sit for 10 minutes

Although tea must be prepared dried leaves, These should not be dried in the sun as this will kill their active ingredients.

To dry them properly, it is recommended to wash the fresh leaves, remove excess moisture with a clean absorbent towel, then spread them on the absorbent towel and place them in a cool place Keep out of direct sunlight, Let them dry for a few days (up to two weeks).

Once dry, store them in a jar or airtight bag, where they will keep for up to a year if stored correctly.

Dried soursop leaves (special grade)

There are three different ways to drink soursop tea, depending on the condition you want to combat.

One cup per day on an empty stomach:

Gastritis, liver, respiratory symptoms and diabetes.

Two cups:

arthritis and other inflammatory conditions associated with pain

A cup before bed:

Anxiety and insomnia.

Three cups:


*If you already have this condition, it is recommended to drink up to three cups per day, the first cup on an empty stomach. This tea will help your body fight disease better and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.It is worth mentioning that it is not recommended to drink more than this amount (more than three cups) because it may have adverse effects, and Under no circumstances should it be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

Infusions have many health properties (illustrative image Infobae)

This drink is Not suitable for pregnant women and children. You should also be careful if you take medication for high blood pressure, as it may lower your blood pressure. By itself, it is not recommended to drink more than two drinks, and it is recommended to drink up to 5 days a week with two days off.

Higher doses, such as three cups, are recommended only in cases of serious illnesses such as cancer; for other illnesses, one to two cups per day is enough.

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