How to recognize the signs of stroke in a person

Stroke occurs suddenly and you need to know how to recognize the signs to best help the person in front of you. That’s how.

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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off or reduced, preventing the brain tissue from receiving oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells begin to die within minutes. Prompt intervention can reduce brain damage and other complications.

The people who are by our side are very important to us and we would probably do anything for them. This is precisely why it is so important know the signs of a stroke and knowing how to help the person in front of us in case of need. Proper first aid is everything when it comes to a medical emergency and can save your life or help prevent greater harm to a loved one.

FAST: the signs of stroke to recognize

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The exact symptoms that a person with a stroke experiences depend on which part of the brain is involved. However, there are some parts of the brain that are more commonly affected than others, and as a result, there are some symptoms that occur more often than others. FAST is an acronym commonly used as a reference to identify the symptoms of a stroke.

  • F (Face): refers to the irregular or sagging appearance of one side of the face;
  • A (Arms): the limbs may be weak, paralyzed or numb;
  • S (Speech, language): with a stroke in progress it is difficult to listen and communicate;
  • T (Time): Make sure you call the emergency room right away.

In addition, care must be taken if the person in front has difficulty balancing, is dizzy, feels confused or has a sudden headache. The eyes are also an important signal: looking for a loss or sudden change in vision. Stroke typically affects only one side of the body, as each half of the brain controls half of the body.

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