how to recreate the wet look effect!

Wet-look hair is the latest trend in hair style. Loved by celebrities, the wet look is the ideal choice especially in summer, but how is it done? Discover the step by step procedure to recreate this hairstyle with the right products and our beauty tips!

The wet look is becoming popular on the catwalks all over the world because it is an elegant and modern hairstyle that creates dynamism and makes hair styling quick and easy to do. Let’s see together how we can recreate the perfect ones wet look hair even at home, but first, if you are looking for other simple and quick hairstyles to do every day, do not miss our video dedicated to this topic!

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Wet look hair: the wet look that stars like!

The wet look is a hairstyle much loved by celebrities and designers, who often reproduce wet-look hair on the catwalks. But what makes this hairstyle so special and as it can also be done at home with little effort? Surely using the right products is the first step to make this look much easier to recreate than it seems in the picture, but what is wet hair characterized by?

The wet look requires the hair to be sculpted so that it recreates the effect of just getting out of the shower and it is a versatile hairstyle that can be performed both by those who have straight hair, and by those who have them moved or even curly. As for the length, even in this case the wet look reconfirms itself as one winning choice for any length: short, medium or long, any hair will look great with a wet effect.

Wet-look hair: how to make it at home

To create the perfect wet look, you do not need to contact the hair stylist but you can try your hand at the enterprise even alone: ​​just choose the right products and follow the procedure step by step. The fundamental allies to perform this hairstyle are one specific brush for wet hair, gel, wax and oil. Here is the procedure:

  • in the shower, comb your hair carefully and apply a knob of conditioner to soften the hair.
  • pat your hair gently so as not to break it.
  • apply gel, wax or oil to the strands and comb them carefully.
  • do the line. Generally with the wet look you tend to create a central line but the one on the side can be fine.
  • gently dry your hair with the diffuser and, if necessary, make them smoother and more disciplined with the plate.
  • apply one spray specific to give a glossy finish to the hair or a hairspray.

And for those who have the wavy or curly hair but does not want to give up the wet look, what are the possibilities? In addition to using a specific brush for wet hair (as in the case of those with smooth hair), it is necessary to apply one mousse or a mousse and then work the locks well to make them soft and artfully sculpted. For those with frizzy hair, it is essential to use a moisturizing product such as argan oil or almond oil, which nourishes the shaft and moisturizes the hair.

Who is the wet look good for?

The wet look is a hairstyle versatile and very trendy. The most modern version is the one that provides curly or wavy hair cut short and then worked with the gel, however, for those who want to stay on the classic, even a high ponytail made from a super smooth hair with a wet effect is a great choice. style, ideal both for the most mundane evenings and for those who love to be natural.

As for the estatea lot depends on our type of hair and on atmospheric conditions, however generally if you use the right products (gel, hairspray, modeling wax and spray in primis), the wet look tends to last a long time.


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As we have seen, the wet look is not an ideal beauty choice only for those with long hair, on the contrary, a very popular fashion trend of the last season is the one that provides a short and wavy wet effect hair. In this case, you can follow the tips of the hair stylists to create a surfer style hairstyle. Those with short hair can work on already dry locks applying the gel directly, but without squeezing the hair, nor making a line too precise. The idea is in fact to have a fake disheveled look as if you had just left the beach.

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