How to save money with a radiator and stay warm: useful tips that really work

With the expensive bills and the higher and higher energy prices know how to save with the radiator while staying warm it becomes very useful. So we suggest you read this little guide that will surely help you reduce gas consumption.

It is not difficult to keep energy consumption low if you follow a few common sense rules. Here are expert tips to lighten the burden on your wallet

Saving gas with radiator systems: tips to follow

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Many of these tips are simple and, if you like, banal good habits that those who want to save gas with radiator heating systems would do well to follow.

Here’s how to save with radiator heating

First of all, get some thermostatic valves to yours radiators both if you have a central heating system than autonomous. Then follow these tips:

  • Turn off the boiler if you are not at home;
  • Use i chronothermostats to set the temperature and switch the boiler on and off at set times;
  • Do not cover radiators with fabrics or shelves;
  • Turn off the radiators for ventilate the rooms;
  • Keep shutters or shutters closed as soon as the sun goes down;
  • Vent the radiators regularly to avoid pockets of air that do not make them work well.

Obviously also keep one proper temperature allows you to save, set 19 degrees, and keep in mind that it is winter, so don’t pretend to be wearing a t-shirt but wear clothing that is more appropriate to the season!

Other tricks to save on radiator consumption

Then there are other small tricks that you can follow to make sure that the bill is even lower. For example, you can save on consumption by closing the radiator knob in all those rooms you don’t live in.

Such as a closet or an empty bedroom. In this way, the energy for heating these rooms will not be wasted in any way.

Then remember to seal well all possible drafts of the windows and French windows, because the hot air tends to dissolve if cold air enters from the outside.

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