how to save up to 800 euros with some small tricks

You can save on electricity and gas. And it is possible to do it with gods simple tricks and some good daily practices to lighten by approx 800 euros for family spending in the cold months.

The next quarter is expected to be difficult for Italian families, forced to cope with a harsh winter to fight with an expensive bill that has doubled compared to the same period last year: in fact, they will go from one spending of 632 euros in 2021 to 1332 in the last three months of 2022. Saving 800 euros can and is possible starting with the use of high efficiency light bulbs and appliancesoptimizing consumption in the most economical time slots, focusing on thermal insulation, smart thermostats and class A boilers.

Light: consumption halved at reduced rates and with high efficiency light bulbs

During autumn and winter it is necessary to keep the lights on for longer than in the summer months. The high efficiency bulbs they allow you to save energy for the same use. If we assume to replace all the 20 W bulbs with other 10 W bulbs, consumption can be halved with a saving of about 89 euros per year. It is important to analyze your habits to know if you use more energy during the day or in the evening and then choose between one-hour, two-hour or three-hour rates. The latter rate allows a saving of about 9 euros compared to the first.

Energy efficient appliances are better

Several families use washer-dryers, notoriously energy-intensive appliances. By switching to a new and class A appliance, it is possible to save 60 kilowatt hours for every 100 cycles. Which means saving another 33 euros.

Gas: efficient boiler and regulate temperatures

A choice that might seem expensive but able to ensure significant savings over time is the change of the boiler. By focusing on a high-efficiency model, you can save 192 euros per year. Then by adjusting the temperature of the radiators to 20 ° C you get a saving that can cut your bills by another 153 euros in the cold months. It is also important to use a smart thermostat, which allows you to remotely control the switching on and off of the heating. With 100 hours of unnecessary heating less you can save another 134 euros.

Good thermal insulation is the friend of savings

A thermally insulated house allows to further contain consumption. To intervene on the insulation is clearly more complicated, but the yield is also ensured by replacing the frames with new generation windows, resulting in a reduction in consumption of up to 20%. For a typical family, being able to cut 100 Smc (standard cubic meter) a year by intervening on the insulation, allows a saving on bills of 192 euros.

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