How to sell rare stamps: here is the mini guide that helps you to earn

If your intention is to start earning with your postage stampsor just start a collectionyou happened on the right article. First of all, what you need to know is that the postage stampsas well as coins, they acquire value over time. Many of them then, they have stories so controversial ed absurdwho have them returns of the specimens very expensive only for bizzare events that concern them.

Think for example of the Pink Gronchiwhich has reached the value of over € 30,000 just because on the day it went out in trade, was withdrawn due to the boundaries of a state of wrong form. Or again to the Trinacria, Garibaldi postage stamp from mezzo Tornese which necessarily had to be torn to open the newspaper. Every stamp that has become famous or valuable is mainly for its history. One of the most expensive stamps in the world, the overturned Jennyhas even come to cost € 700,000. All because one of the two prints it turned out to be upside down than how it should have been.

How to sell stamps

In 2022 they exist various possibilities to sell similar specimens; there are indeed a large number of websites and pages used just for this purpose. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always join a dedicated forum or take action yourself and put your stamps on Ebay. In addition, many people have resorted to auction houses internationally renowned, but this, as we said before, depends above all by the fame and value of the piece that you want to sell.

The conditions where are your stamps, then, I am obviously fundamental to establish the price. The worn and damaged ones will never have the same value as the ones in “Fine print” expression that indicates its absolute perfection, which would make us obtain, therefore, thehigher amount.

In conclusion, the advice we give you is that of document yourself as much as possible about your stamps. Be passionate about knowing them history and let yourself be enveloped by those who are the most disparate stories that these “little pieces of paper” conceal behind them.,

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