How to View or Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size?


With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, you have likely come across a couple of profile pictures that caught your attention, and you wanted to save on your mobile device. If you are reading this, you have probably unsuccessfully tried to save a full Instagram profile picture of your favorite celebrity, your crush, or even the cute cat dressed up in sunglasses and a wig. It’s funny how most Instagram profile pictures never find their way to the timeline.

It is quite common for Instagram users to have issues finding their friends on the social network, owing to the prevalence of several accounts with surprisingly similar usernames. Consequently, users are left with no choice but to try to guess the identity of other users by staring at the somewhat small image in the circle (which can be uncomfortable for the eyes). More so, there is always the case of private accounts with unclear profile pictures sending DMs or liking and commenting on photos, and users are left with no choice but to follow these private accounts to at least, discover the faces behind them.

Typically, Instagram users are sometimes caught in between accepting or rejecting a ‘follow’ or ‘DM’ request when they can’t really figure out the identity of a user via their username or Instagram profile picture(which can be really irritating, as the Instagram app does not allow the zooming in of profile pictures).

The good news, however is that whether you need to verify the identity of your new Instagram follower or the weirdo who just sent a cryptic DM, or you just want to have the cute picture of your man or woman crush as your wallpaper, there is a way to easily download full-sized profile pictures by typing in a specific username.

InstaDP is an amazing platform for viewing and downloading Instagram profile pictures in full size. The platform provides a web app and a mobile app, allowing you to choose the one that best appeals to you. The great thing about InstaDP is that it is accessible to both iPhone and Android users (no discrimination here) and the web and mobile apps are designed to look great on any type of device. With InstaDP, users can View Instagram profile pictures in HD, zoom in on pictures, and download the full-size HD Instagram profile pictures.

Step by Step Guide on How to Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size Using InstaDP

• Open your Instagram web/mobile application
• Click on the profile of the user whose profile picture you want to download.
• Note/copy the username from the profile
• Open the InstaDP website.
• Type or paste the username that you got from Instagram in the space provides
• Click on the search button
• When the picture is displayed, you can zoom in to view it better
• Click on the download button to save the HD version of the full-size Instagram profile picture.



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