How to watch Backlash 2020 live: schedules by country

It was quite time that the promotion of a PPV from WWE is not focused on a fight with no implications for holders. But the status of Edge and Randy Orton have gotten that Backlash 2020 look in this sense as a rare avis in the recent history of the company McMahon. And also that the PPV next Sunday to keep that condition of stage a rematch at WrestleMania which made it famous in spite of to be after Money in the Bank by 2020.

Although you will lose a bellows, in terms of its presentation, because WWE will Backlash 2020 partially burned, as we knew that the Edge vs. Randy Orton had already taken place. A major handicap facing the attraction that can arise between the followers of the company again, yes or yes, must see the appointment through the screens; when, in another connection, Backlash emerged in the origin of the series In Your House.

So, unfortunately, from the comfort of their homes, tell them about how to see Backlash 2020, the sixth PPV of 2020 in WWE: hours of emission in the main Spanish-speaking countries, as the various channels of follow-up poster next to the poster that will be updated according to the occurrence of further confirmations.

How to watch Backlash 2020

â–ş Schedules by country


Mexico city (Mexico) – 5:00 PM
Madrid (Spain) – 0:00 AM of the Monday, June 15
Santiago (Chile) – 6:00 PM
Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 7:00 PM
Bogota (Colombia) – 5:00 PM

Asuncion (Paraguay) – 6:00 PM
Belmopán (Belize) – 4:00 PM
Caracas (Venezuela) – 6:00 PM
Guatemala city (Guatemala) – 4:00 PM
Panama city (Panama) – 5:00 PM
Havana (Cuba) – 6:00 PM
La Paz (Bolivia) – 6:00 PM
Lima (Peru) – 5:00 PM
Managua (Nicaragua) – 4:00 PM
Montevideo (Uruguay) – 7:00 PM
New York (united States) – 6:00 PM
Quito (Ecuador) – 5:00 PM
San Jose (Costa Rica) – 4:00 PM
San Juan (Puerto Rico) – 6:00 PM
San Salvador (El Salvador) – 4:00 PM
Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) – 6:00 PM
Tegucigalpa (Honduras) – 4:00 PM

(Main Show)

Mexico city (Mexico) – 6:00 PM
Madrid (Spain) – 1:00 AM on Monday, June 15
Santiago (Chile) – 7:00 PM
Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 8:00 PM
Bogota (Colombia) – 6:00 PM

Asuncion (Paraguay) – 7:00 PM
Belmopán (Belize) – 5:00 PM
Caracas (Venezuela) – 7:00 PM
Guatemala city (Guatemala) – 5:00 PM
Panama city (Panama) – 6:00 PM
Havana (Cuba) – 7:00 PM
La Paz (Bolivia) – 7:00 PM
Lima (Peru) – 6:00 PM
Managua (Nicaragua) – 5:00 PM
Montevideo (Uruguay) – 8:00 PM
New York (united States) – 7:00 PM
Quito (Ecuador) – 6:00 PM
San Jose (Costa Rica) – 5:00 PM
San Juan (Puerto Rico) – 7:00 PM
San Salvador (El Salvador) – 5:00 PM
Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) – 7:00 PM
Tegucigalpa (Honduras) – 5:00 PM

â–ş Poster

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Braun Strowman (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison

Asuka (c) vs. Nia Jax

Apollo Crews (c) vs. Andrade

Sasha Banks and Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics

Edge vs. Randy Orton

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

How to watch Backlash 2020

â–ş How to watch Backlash 2020

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