How to watch Serie A on TV with DAZN, Sky or TIM. The complete guide

It all seemed relatively simple, however, a few days before the start of the championship, Sky’s entry onto the track and consequently the return of football to digital terrestrial and satellite broke all equilibrium. By creating, it is good to say, also a little confusing: compared to past times where to see all football on a single platform it was enough to pay only the pay TV package that offered it, today things are a bit different.

In this guide we have tried to clarify any doubts. Here’s everything you need to know about watching football on TV.

We premise that there are still some aspects that need to be clarified by the various players in the game, and we are looking for all the answers to integrate this guide: one of these is the use of digital terrestrial by TIM.

The only constant in play, that is what must be there, is the subscription to DAZN: whether it is streaming, satellite or digital terrestrial, then we will see how, the subscription to DAZN is essential. In fact, we recall that Sky only has the rights to three of the ten matches broadcast every day of Serie A while DAZN has been awarded the broadcasting rights for all the matches. DAZN “pulls the strings”, and also those who want to see DAZN via Sky Q in the different ways foreseen will have to subscribe to DAZN. Sky will not sell DAZN packages, only DAZN (and TIM which is a trading partner) can sell DAZN offers.

For those who want to watch streaming, little or nothing changes

Today there are two DAZN subscriptions: the standard one at 29.99 euros and the Plus one at 39.99 euros. The first allows you to associate a maximum of two devices with the application, but you can watch a game only from one device at a time if they are not on the same home network. If the two devices are connected with the same IP, therefore they are inside the same house, you will be able to see content at the same time.

For those who want to see content from two devices not connected to the same network and simultaneously need the DAZN Plus subscription that it will cost 39.99 euros per month.

Subscribing to DAZN via DAZN allows you to pause your subscription, which you cannot do if you buy the DAZN package via TimVision. We clarify this because we have repeatedly written about TIM offers that include TimVision and DAZN, offers that are particularly competitive also in terms of price since it starts from 19.99 euros per month for the first 12 months, without hidden costs or penalties, but there are small differences and this is one.

We wanted to specify it because the subscription to DAZN through DAZN is one thing, that to DAZN through TimVision, subscribed via TIM (with set top box) or via Kena Mobile (without set top box) is another thing and they do not necessarily offer the same possibilities. It is therefore possible that the DAZN subscription signed with TIM does not allow connection to Sky (read below): we await official confirmation.

For those who want to watch football in streaming, as they did last year, the choice therefore falls either on the DAZN solution which starts at 29.99 euros or on the TIMVision solution, which starts at 19.99 euros.

TIMVISION and digital terrestrial

By subscribing through TIMVISION, the user will receive at home the TIMVISION set top box, a device that integrates a digital terrestrial tuner. Last year this tuner was used on some occasions to allow those who did not have a stable connection to watch some games via a digital terrestrial “backup” channel. This year TIM has announced things will be slightly different: in fact, as part of the renewed agreement with DAZN the digital terrestrial channel is enhanced.

TimVision customers, in addition to the possibility to see all the contents of the DAZN App, will therefore have the possibility to access through the TimVision Box to DAZN linear channels on DTT directly from the channel list and see the Serie A TIM matches.

Details on times and ways for the introduction of this new function will soon be available and we do not know if, as happens with Sky, TIM will also offer the possibility of connecting to a subscription the vision of a linear channel transmitted via digital terrestrial to see a selection. of contents of DAZN and all the matches (or almost). TIM should announce in the coming days what this offer consists of, also clarifying if there will be our extras. At the moment the only certainty is that with TIMVISION you can enjoy DAZN in streaming at a cheaper price.

The new Sky, multi-platform for rent

Sky is the big surprise (not so much a surprise), because it will be the only solution that will allow cross-platform viewing: there will be streaming, there will be satellite and there will also be digital terrestrial.

The important thing to understand, as regards DAZN via Sky, is that Sky “leases” its platform to DAZN therefore everything is managed by DAZN: the channels are produced by DAZN at the quality of DAZN, so they will be 1080i at 50 Hz, and above all the financial part is managed by DAZN. Let’s go into the details of the various modes of use.

I have a Sky Q satellite box and I want to watch football

Those who have a Sky Q decoder via satellite from 8 August will find the DAZN app on the home of the decoder, along with the other apps available. By entering the DAZN account you will be able to stream all the games and all the channels and contents transmitted by DAZN with the exact same methods provided by the DAZN plans, therefore the basic one and the Plus. In fact, Sky Q will be a device, like having the app on your TV or tablet. The advantage is given by the integration of third-party apps within the Sky Q platform.

Who has a Sky Q satellite box will also have another option: to use satellite as a viewing channel for matches. Also on August 8, the Zone DAZN channel at 214 of the Sky remote control will be active which will show a selection of DAZN contents together with the 7 games for which DAZN has the broadcasting rights: if there will be games at the same time, other channels will be switched on with subsequent numbering for the game only. 214 will be the only channel that will always remain active.

The vision of this channel can be unlocked by those who have an active Sky subscription, not necessarily Sky Calcio: just go to the DAZN app, in the account section, enter the required data of the Sky subscription and the channel will be unlocked .

Summing up:

  • The DAZN subscriber with Sky Q if he pays only the DAZN subscription will see all the games in streaming via the app
  • DAZN subscriber with Sky Q and Sky subscription without football package by adding to your DAZN subscription an option that costs 5 euros per month you will be able to see 7 matches per day on channel 214 (or on more channels if there are matches simultaneously) broadcast by DAZN at 1080i and 50 Hz. The three remaining matches must be watched via streaming app.
  • DAZN subscriber with Sky Q and Sky subscription with football package by adding to your DAZN subscription an option that costs 5 euros per month you will be able to see 7 matches per day on channel 214 (or on more channels if there are matches at the same time) broadcast by DAZN at 1080i and 50 Hz and will be able to see the three remaining matches also in 4K HDR on Sky channels.

I have a Sky Q decoder “without dish” and I want to see football via digital terrestrial

The same solution also applies to those who have the Sky Q decoder “without dish”. In this case, in addition to the possibility of watching football in streaming via the app from the decoder, you can activate the option, also from DAZN, which enables the Zone DAZN channel which will be transmitted this time via digital terrestrial.

Also in this case, for those who are not subscribers to Sky Calcio, the matches available on digital terrestrial will be a maximum of 7, the others can be viewed via the app or via Sky channels if the subscriber has Sky Calcio active. While on satellite there is band to activate even 5 channels in the case of contemporaneity, see last days, on digital terrestrial there will be no guarantee of seeing all the games. In fact, only one channel will be active, and we understand that Sky is trying to find a band to activate a second one in the case of two simultaneous games.

I have an old MySky decoder, what can I do?

Those who have a MySky decoder will not have the DAZN app, but can still unlock the DAZN zone channel by paying 5 euros per month in addition to the cost of the DAZN subscription.

With the additional channel DAZN Plus it is almost mandatory

There are no additional costs in addition to the subscription to DAZN for those who watch via the app, in streaming, while those who want to see via satellite and digital terrestrial will have to add 5 euros per month bringing the cost of the subscription to 34.99 euros or 44.99 euros. Those who are unable to have a stable connection are forced to add the cost of the Sky Calcio package to the 34.99 euros or 44.99 euros to always watch the other three missing games via Sky via satellite or digital terrestrial. Whoever has a stable connection can see the other three games via the app.

Finally, there is a big question, to return to the difference between DAZN and DAZN Plus: DAZN at 29.99 euros allows viewing of only one channel at the same time while DAZN Plus allows viewing of two simultaneous channels. Activating the option to see DAZN via satellite or digital terrestrial is equivalent to having a DAZN vision always active, and since there is no return channel, DAZN cannot know if the user is actually watching something. DAZN writes “The user will have the right to use at the same time, to use the DAZN PLUS Service, only one other device among those associated (for a total of two devices that can be used at the same time, including the one with which he accesses the ZONA DAZN channel), even if not connected. to your home internet network (cable or wi-fi: fiber, xDSL; FWA)”Implying that those who do not have DAZN Plus if they associate the satellite channel will no longer be entitled to any other viewingnot even from a smartphone on the move.

In short, the activation of the satellite or digital terrestrial channel must be accompanied by DAZN Plus, otherwise you run the risk of not seeing the game on your smartphone in the pizzeria even if the television and decoder are off at home.

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